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Shortcut to Finding a Fabulous Place to Eat

Living in Miami, I am privileged to enjoy a huge selection of chic and yummy restaurants. I have my favorites that I frequent with family and friends, dine in for birthday parties, go on dates with my husband, etc. However, I am always on the hunt for something new and exciting. I want to know about the whole in the wall on Calle Ocho with great Vietnamese (Hy Vong) or the newest trendy eatery to open up on the Beach or in the Design District. Here are a few websites I frequent when I can’t decide where I want to eat or want to try something new.

This website is a foodie haven and has coverage almost worldwide. I think the best boards/strings are for U.S. based cities like New York and South Florida, but you can search international cities as well. Here is how it works: You sign up and create a username. Then you post a query in the city where you would like to eat or find some fabulous food item. For example, “What is the best bakery near Grand Central Station OR Where is a good place for a group birthday party for four or more people, accepts reservations and is somewhere on the lower east side.” Make sure you post in board for the applicable area (example above would be posted in Manhattan). Then, you wait for fellow foodies to weigh in and give you suggestions. Brilliant right! I also recommend paying it forward and leaving a suggestion of your own on a string. You can also search a board for postings of a particular area. For example you could search the Chicago board for “best hot dogs.” Often, simply typing in a search term of the type of cuisine you would like to eat will yield a myriad of suggestions. I have used this site for numerous weekend getaways to various cities and locally to find new, exotic and fabulous food.

This site currently only covers the following major US cities: NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., South Florida. If you live in one of these cities/areas and don’t have this site bookmarked you are MISSING OUT. This site has printable and on screen menus of many restaurants in these cities. There are also reviews of the restaurants, phone numbers and information on whether they deliver. I use this website religiously to order take out on the way home from work or delivery when I just feel like a fabulous night in.

So, Bookmark these two sites and enjoy these shortcuts to fabulous food finds!

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