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Shortcut to Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds

It is hard to believe as I view today’s forecast promising 98 degree temperatures that Fall begins in less than a month (September 22nd). Despite the heat or maybe because of it, Fall Fashion fever has definitely hit me. I am so excited by all the colors and different looks that Fall 2009 has to offer. What I am not excited about is spending money to retool my wardrobe to stay current with Fall trends. Fortunately, for you my obsession with finding fabulous fall fashions at fabulous prices has uncovered a few key pieces that will help you transition fabulously into Fall, all for under $250!


limited ruffleLimited’s Ruffle Crewneck Sweater $24.99- Perfect by itself or layering with cardigans, sweaters, vests and blazers. It comes in a fabulous golden yellow and gray, perfect to update your Fall wardrobe.

limited purple cardiganLimited’s Cinch Waist Cardigan $44.50- Were this a mere cardigan, it would not have made the cut with its over forty dollar price tag, but the cinch waist feature and availability in one of fall’s hottest shades, purple, makes this cardigan a cinch to fall for!

studded topNY & Co’s City Style Double Scoop Tee with Stud Trim $18.99- Edgy enough to capture this Fall’s Rocker vibe, but demure enough to wear to work.


stretch pencil skirtCity Stretch Pencil Skirt $32.95- This skirt will be your new best friend this fall. You can take her anywhere and pair her with just about anything, including every single one of the tops above and all of the accessories and shoes below!

ruched leggingsRuched Leggings $7.99- The ruching in these leggings, along with their longer length updates this trend and makes it more wearable for more body types because the below the ankle legging creates a nice, long, lean line!


gray pump Style & Co Suede Gray Pump $15.99- Think of this Pump as a neutral like beige or black and instantly update any look for Fall

bootieMadden Girl Raleigh Platform Ruffle Bootie $49.99 – The ruffle on this bootie makes it look like it fell off the runway, but the price makes you feel like it fell off a truck full of hot goods!


ny and co necklaceCity Style Multi Strand Flower and Ribbon Necklace $29.95- Wear this necklace with a basic black dress, crisp white shirt or a pop of color to send the world a message you are fabulously Fall 2009!

woven bangleWoven Leather Bangle $4.99- This bangle can go from rocker chic to sophisticated and sleek with the change of an outfit. It is like a hyper color bracelet with an oh so tiny price tag!

reversable belt on girlReversible Python Belt $9.99 – This belt does double duty and serves as a slimming black belt or python belt, which perfectly incorporates the season’s affinity for animal prints.

crocodile corset beltCrocodile Corset Belt $8.99 –The perfect waist cinching belt for your all of your pencil skirts, pants, dresses that need a waist and anything else you want to add some shape and presence to!

So, now that I have done your Fall shopping for you, kick your heels up, enjoy this week’s shortcut and click your way to a fabulous Fall wardrobe!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Chocolate Dessert

chocolate trifleMy friend Eddie had a dessert party a few years ago and served a dessert he invented called, “Chocolate Dump Cake.” It was so yummy and fabulous, I went for seconds and thirds. On my way to a fourth helping, I asked him for the recipe. When he told me how he made it, I was shocked at how easy it was. Over the last few years, I have used the idea of Eddie’s dish to create desserts of my own when I need a fabulous dessert in a pinch. In one version, I have modified Eddie’s recipe to speed up preparation and tweaked ingredients to suit my love for chocolaty goodness. I call my version of Eddie’s creation “Chocolate Yum Trifle.” This dish can be prepared with less than twenty minutes of active prep time and less if you buy a store bought chocolate pound cake and store bought chocolate pudding. There are two keys to the quick prep time of this dessert: 1) A food processor or food chopper that can be purchased from a drugstore or big box retailer for under $10 (I promise it will become your new best friend and every fabulous person must own one) and 2) Instant cake mix.

This dessert makes a beautiful presentation and makes you look like you have a fabulous knack in the kitchen. It is great for dinner parties, barbecues, movie nights, even kids parties.

What you will need:

-A glass trifle dish

-2 cups of skim milk

-Cool Whip (the kind that comes in a tub in the freezer section)

-Jello Instant Pudding Mix (chocolate flavor)

-Chocolate cake mix (and ingredients called for in mix, usually eggs, water and vegetable oil)

-10 Oreo cookies

-Colored sprinkles for garnish

First, if you have not thawed the Cool Whip take it out of the freezer to thaw. Next, prepare the chocolate cake according the directions on the box (5 minutes). You will be crumbling the cake, so the size and shape of the baking dish is not important. Once you have placed the cake in the oven to bake, make the chocolate pudding according to the directions on the box (5 minutes). Once you have mixed the instant pudding, cover it with plastic wrap and place in the fridge. Go hang out and watch tv until the cake is done. When the cake has baked fully, take it out of the oven and let it cool until you are ready to put the dessert together. (You can wait two minutes or all day if you like). Once you are ready to put the dessert together, put the Oreos in the food processor or food chopper and pulse until they reach desired consistency (1 minute). I like mine to be fine, like coffee grounds, but if you want crunchy chunks that is okay too. Take the pudding out of the fridge and add the ground Oreos and half of the tub of Cool Whip. Mix well (2 minutes). Place a layer of cake in the trifle dish (I just scoop it out of the pan with my hands and crumble it into the dish). Then, place a layer of the pudding mixture. Continue layering until you have finished the mixture, finishing with a layer of the crumbled cake (5 minutes). (Usually, the mixture yields two layers of pudding and three layers of cake). Dollop a bit of leftover Cool Whip on the top in the center with a spoon and garnish with sprinkles or another pretty topping such as slivered almonds, strawberries, caramel, etc. (2 minutes).

Next time you need a fabulous Martha worthy dessert, but don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen, try this Chocolate Yum Trifle. When people tell you how awesome it is, grin internally because you know you’ve found a shortcut to real baking with this fabulous dessert!

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Shortcut to Fabulously Smooth Skin

wax stripsSmooth skin is something every fabulous woman has. Monthly or even bi-monthly visits to the salon for waxing is a regular part of my routine. A few years ago I started tracking my beauty and fashion expenditures. I was shocked when I realized how much smooth skin was costing me. In addition, there have been times when I have gotten busy and it seems like the hair on my upper lip grew in over night. With no time to go take care of business, I panicked and pulled out the tweezers…ouch!! After one painful tweezing session, I set out on a mission to try and find a way to “self wax.”

I found a quick, easy and inexpensive solution to reduce waxing appointments. Sally Hanson Wax Strips are the perfect product, but not if you follow the directions on the box. The directions on the box instruct you to warm the strips by rubbing vigorously between your hands. I tried that method and ended up with a glob of goo on my leg. Then, I had a light bulb moment and decided to use my hairdryer to heat the strips. Voila! Wax strips heated to perfection. I use the strips between salon visits and by heating the strips with my hairdryer, I am able to get optimal heat and hair removal. A box of wax strips costs about $10. So, for about $10 you can have silky smooth skin without monthly visits to the wax parlor, or you can just use the strips for touch ups when you discover unwanted hair has grown back. Follow all of the directions on the box, just use your hairdryer, not your hands to heat the strips.

***Oh, one more thing, the lawyer in me must tell you to use a thermometer or some other safe method to test the temperature of the strips before you put them on your body.

Get your hairdryer ready and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous silky skin!

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Shortcuts to Fabulous Pampering- Spa Week 2009

spa week

Everyone knows Spas are an integral part of living the modern fabulous life. However, if you are like me, the state of the economy has made it a little harder to justify indulgences at your favorite spa. Well, I am happy to report that I think the economy is on its way back and even if it is not, the $50 treatments offered during national Spa Week will be make you feel like it is.

Spa week is still a month away. So, why am I writing about it now? Because, I am giving you a shortcut to fabulous of course! Spa Week is only a week-long event, so appointments fill up fast. This shortcut is about planning ahead. Spa week takes place in either Mid-September or Mid-October, depending on your geographic location. You can begin to book your appointment a month before spa week begins in your respective location. Check out the schedule below to see when your state will be celebrating Spa Week and visit the Spa Week website for further details.

Once you have figured out when your location will have Spa Week specials, create a calendar entry for yourself on your email, PDA, Outlook or other calendaring device for exactly one month before the start of your area’s Spa Week. When that day comes, be the first to go online and book your treatment. Being the early bird will give you your choice of dates and times. In addition, it will ensure that you will not miss out on this incredible deal.

The Fall 2009 Spa Week Event takes place:

September 14-20: Arizona, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle.

October 12-18: Denver, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Boston, Detroit, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Virginia Beach and Toronto, Canada.

Can’t wait a month and a half to go to the spa? Then check out the steals and deals section of the website for current deals. I also recommend visiting the website or calling your favorite spa to see if they have any pre-spa week specials. One of my favorite Spas, The Standard, has a yummy 45 minute gingergrass bamboo scrub and a 50 minute anti-oxidant facial starting next week. Imagine 95 minutes of pampering at one of the world’s premier hotel spas for $100!

For Miami residents Miami Spa Month has been extended to the end of August. Miami Spa Month is a similar program, but treatments are $99. Check out the participating spas and treatments:

So let’s be philanthropists for the world economy and take this shortcut to fabulous skin, body and soul.

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