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Shortcut to Fabulous Restaurant Savings

money-wings-flying-clip-art-thumb2807082I take pride in being the girl who knows everything about everything fabulous, especially when it comes to steals and deals to live the fabulous life. However, a co-worker and good friend one-upped me not too long ago when I told her my secret to scoring gift certificates to great restaurants at a discount. When she led me to a radio station website where I could purchase $100 and $50 gift certificates for half price, I almost fainted. When I saw that my absolute favorite restaurants were featured on the website, I choked on my hundred calorie pack of cookies. I purchased a $100 gift certificate to Lucky Strike (a hip bowling alley and restaurant in South Beach) for $50 that day! I surmised that if my city has these deals, every other city in America must have them too. I spent the next few nights at home researching to give you links to websites offering these half price gift certificates in as many cities as I could find.

Click on edit, then find on your task bar above and type in your city or scroll below for links to websites in your area or city. Many of the websites offer half-off gift certificates for much more than restaurants! If your geographic location has not been included, do not fret. Type in “discount restaurant gift certificates for (city name)” in your favorite search engine. If you don’t find anything on that search trying visiting the websites of popular radio and television stations in your area. Are you planning a fabulous weekend getaway to another US destination anytime soon? Why not plan ahead, save money and check the broadcast websites for your favorite cities or future vacation destinations?!!!

Now, you might be wondering why these deals exist? There are several reasons, but one primary reason being that many of these restaurants advertise or do promotional work with local television and radio stations and as part of the promo packages, the stations receive gift certificates, in limited quantities of course. Generally, each station announces the deal on their radio programming or the website before it goes on sale and has a particular day and time every week that the certificates announced go on sale. Make note of the days and times stations for your particular area sell their certificates, and create a reminder for yourself in your phone or PDA.

Below you will find two links to savings everywhere and links to savings categorized by city. Please note that all of the links were operable at the time of publication. Please feel free to leave other links in the comments section, and of course, most of all….Thanks Dely for the inspiration for this shortcut to a fabulous deal!

On the right hand side, enter your zip code to find restaurants in your area offering gift certificates. Make sure that you read the restrictions as many have minimum purchases, restrictions on lunch or dinner or days of the week that the gift certificates are valid.

Atlanta, GA

Boston, MA

Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

Knoxville, TN

Long Island, NY

Los Angeles, CA

Madison, WI

Miami, FL

New Orleans, LA

New York, NY


San Antonio

San Francisco, CA

Southern California

St. Augustine

St. Louis


Washington, DC

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Shortcut to Fabulous Vacation Photos

claire morgan2All fabulous people have fabulous photographs of themselves. On a recent trip to Vienna, my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a professional photography session. We (meaning I) wanted pictures that belong on a postcard instead of the lame point and shoot photos we take. We usually try and get professional photographs once a year, so we decided this year we would do it jet-set style on our trip to Europe.

claire morgan 1I scoured the internet and found a photographer that spoke English and provided us with a one hour photo shoot at the City Hall, Parliament building and local park in Vienna. We had a great time at the shoot and got to mingle with a local. When we saw the pictures we were floored at how absolutely fabulous they were. Thanks to Claire Morgan, one of the most talented and gifted photographers I have ever encountered, I have amazing photos to remember our Vienna vacation. If you are ever in Vienna with your significant other or family, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Ms. Morgan. Click here to visit her website. If you ever venture to Vienna around Christmas time, you must call her. I saw some of her winter shots and they are breathtaking!claire3

If Vienna is not on your itinerary for your next vacation, have no fear. Of course, I am going to tell you how to find your own fabulous photographer in whatever fabulous location you have in mind! Once you have planned your vacation, do a Google search for “photographers in (City Name).” Also, try searching for wedding photographers or photographers that take engagement photos in your selected city, and check out this website: Then, email prospective photographers to inquire about price, location and availability. I recommend asking for a weekday session if you can, as many photographers spend their weekends at weddings and other special events. You are going to be on vacation right?! So, weekdays wont be an issue for you! Ask to see a gallery of their photos if you have not already checked some out on the web to make sure you like the photographer’s style. Make sure they are going to provide you with the photos in digital format either via email or on disc and the price they quoted you includes this.

Once you have secured a photographer, confirm with them via phone or email a week or two before you leave for the trip and again before departing and once more when you reach your final destination. Bring a few outfits that match the mood you want to create for your photos and consider making an appointment to get your hair done on the day of the shoot. I opted not to make a hair appointment and packed my travel flat iron instead. On the day of the shoot leave yourself extra time to get ready and take your lipstick, hairbrush and some accessories to the shoot to create different looks. Then, enjoy your faux model moment in the spotlight and strike a pose.

A few weeks later, you will be rewarded with amazing photographs ready for framing, Christmas cards and a fabulous coffee table worthy album! For a few hundred dollars and maybe even less you can capture memories of your fab vacation with your family, friends or other loved ones that will last a lifetime.

So, when you are planning your next vacation book a photography session with a local photographer and be glad you received this shortcut to fabulous photos!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Feet

Chloe_Licorice_none_MERCH_SuggestThe reception area of one of my favorite local spas has a ton of fabulous products for sale. The owner of the spa is a genius and sells gift items, jewelry, even cards. It was at this spa that I discovered the best shoe I have ever owned. In fact, I love the shoe so much, I purchased several pairs for my mom and a few more for myself as well. What makes the perfect shoe you ask? Well, first of all this is not a shoe, it is actually a flip flop. However, this company sells shoes as well. What makes this flip flop so perfect? It is made of a rubber material that makes it super durable and best of all, waterproof. You can even put the shoes in the dishwasher to clean them! How fabulous is that!? They are the perfect shoe for going to the beach or engaging in some type of water activity. They are perfect to wear around the house, wear to yoga or pilates class or walk around town. I wear them to the nail salon and the rubbery material keeps my pedicure perfect even if I need to dash out of the salon. They come in 24 fabulous colors including a silver and bronze. They are only $25, which may seem steep for flip flops, but trust me they are so worth it! Wanna know the thing about this shoes that really makes them the best ever? They have little massage beads based on reflexology principles so you get a massage with every step you take. You can purchase these perfect shoes called OkaB’s by clicking here. Look for the Chloe if you want the flip flop, but these shoes come in other great styles as well.

So pamper yourself and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous, fancy feet!

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