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Shortcut to 10 Fabulous Beauty Products of 2009

top tenThe recession has taught us that home beauty treatments can be just as fun as a salon treatment and help keep your wallet fat! Just in time for 2010, we give you our top ten beauty products of 2009.

10. Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer SPF 30 Beige- This concealer will fix any blemish big or small. It might be a little thick, but it does not clog your pores and covers the darkest of dark circles and the reddest of red pimples.
Shop for quality skin products and cosmetics at

9.  Orly Bonder base coat and Orly Won’t Chip top coat- This base coat and top coat helps keeps your polish from chipping. These two little miracles in a bottle when used together have helped our homemade manicures last at least 50% longer.

8. SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque- This little mask is a spa quality facial in a jar. If you get pimples, blackheads or whiteheads use this mask once a week or a few times a month and watch your skin become the envy of all your friends.

7.  Sage Perfume Roll On 1/8 oz in Citrine- This pint sized roll-on scent will fit in even the smallest clutch. It is perfect for traveling on planes where liquids over 3 oz are a no-no. The citrine scent in universally flattering and the roller ball ensures perfect application and will help this scented yumminess last seemingly forever (we’ve had ours for two years now).

6.  Essie polish in Lady Godiva and Mint Candy Apple- These two nail colors are the must have colors for Fashion Forward nail care. Both are universally flattering on just about any skin tone and has them for $4.25 a bottle!

5.  Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid- We were turned onto this lip color at S2F thanks to the rave reviews that came from my fabulous mom. At if you buy one you get the next at 50% off.

4.  Bobby Pins- Hair long or short can use these little metal miracles. Use them to hold hair in place or create the “bump it” style that all of the celebrities are sporting. You don’t realize how useful they are until you start using them!

3.  Sally Hanson Wax Strips- This is a must have for any guy or gal with unwanted hair. We use it to maintain between waxing appointments. But you can’t follow the directions on the box for optimum results. We told you how to use this product a few months ago…click here for details.

2. Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment- This cream can be used for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. We mean everything…chapped lips, dry skin, silky smooth hands and feet. It is on sale right now at for $5.09.

1. Mac 138 Tapered Face Brush- This brush is not cheap, but great make up tools are vital to a fabulous face. Mac makes awesome brushes and this one makes application of creams, liquids, highlighters and blushes a breeze. You can even use it for contouring. Check out a review  and usage tips for the brush here.

Do you have a favorite beauty product? Share it with us and if we feature your product, we will send you a token of our appreciation…something fabulous of course!

Check out our ten best websites, these ten fabulous beauty products and enjoy these shortcuts to a fabulous new year. Happy New Year!

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Shortcut to Ten Most Fabulous Websites of 2009!

top tenAs we prepare to ring in the new year, we give your our ten favorite websites of 2009. So here are the ten best websites of 2009.

10. We love us some celebrity gossip. Enough said.

9. This member only sale website has awesome deals on everything fabulous including designer bags, clothes and housewares. Their sales start at 11 am EST rather than noon like some other member only sites, so you can shop and make lunch plans with your pals too. Need an invite…click here.

8. One Kings Lane- The Ruelala of home goods with amazing sales on high end candles, serving dishes and other home decor items. Sales start at our favorite time…11 am EST. Click here for an invite.

7. Cooking Light- This website has amazing lower calorie and figure friendly recipes and it is organzed in such a great way. You can even create an account and save recipes you find so they are always right at your fingertips. They have a whole section devoted to entertaining that is amazing.

6. Anthroholic- We’ve featured this blog on a recent Website Wednesday. Blogger, Kim has impeccable taste and her dressing room reviews and up-to-the minute reports on sales and new items makes you feel like you are a real Anthropologie insider. If you like Anthropologie, you must bookmark this website.

5.   Nicole’s Nickels- This website gives daily tips and secrets to saving money including a run down of grocery and drugstore store sales and coupons. She even gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get more bang for your buck with sales at Walgreens, CVS and grocery stores. Who needs to scour the internet or newspaper for coupons and sales when Nicole’s Nickels does it for you!

4. Hungry Girl- The modern gal’s guide to staying slim and trim. Hungry Girl gives tips on how to keep your girly figure in today’s fast paced world. She reviews pre-packaged items and gives you information on dangerous (for your waisteline at least) and friendly restaurant foods.

3.  The Look for Less- This Fashion blog is a mecca for style mavens who want to wear the trends without breaking the bank. This bloggger has a gift for finding celebrity trends and styles at a fraction of the cost. This blog is a key to being well dressed and fashion forward but still having money to splurge on a fabulous purse or  designer shoes.

2. Groupon- Deep discounts on restaurants, spas, entertainment and more…what more could you want! We’ve used the site to purchase tickets to see a Broadway musical, restaurant certificates, even surf lessons. If you are not checking the site daily for your city or a city you visit frequently you are missing out on fabulosity.

1. Amazon- We know this seems like an overly obvious pick, but the fact that you can order a book, camera and Indian spices from the same place and get free shipping makes this our number one pick! Check out the Today’s deals section and the food section.

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Do you have a favorite website? Share it with us and you will automatically be entered to win a $10 gift card. Just leave a comment with your favorite website and if it is featured on an upcoming Website Wednesday, you can win a $10 Target Giftcard. Click here for contest details.

So, enjoy this shortcut to fabulous websites have a Happy New Year!

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Free Shipping at

No code needed.

Click here to enter site.

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Shortcut to a Fabulous New Year’s Eve

new yearsWhat better place to ring in the new year than Miami! We have a few great websites and information to help you make the most fabulous plans to ring in 2010.

For reservations to dine in style, check out open table’s special New Year’s Eve page to see what is available. Many restaurants listed have a prix fix menus including champagne. Our picks are B.E.D.’s $125 3 course prix fix and Canyon Ranch Grill’s healthy four course prix fix for $85.

We have to thank our friends at Cupid Cab for this great website….New Year’s Eve Central is the perfect website if you want to add a little glitz and glamour to your Nw Year’s plans. Another great site for party and club options is New Year’s

If you are looking for some fireworks to add some sparkle to your New Year’s Eve, try one of these two fireworks displays on SOBE and downtown in Bayfront Park.

Miami Beach New Year’s Eve Party: The city of Miami Beach offers a free fireworks celebration at midnight. Gather on the beach near Ocean Drive and 8th Streeet. (305) 673-7400

Bayfront Park Amphitheater: This free even features live performances by various bands. There’s a countdown at midnight for the dropping of the Big Orange, followed by fireworks. This is a great family outing, if you’re kids are old enough to make it until midnight. 301 North Biscayne Blvd, Miami. (305) 358-7550.

So, buy your tickets, make your reservations and get your party dresses ready to enjoy this shortcut to a fabulous New Year!!!!!!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Winter Warmth

Looking fabulous amidst all of the snow and cold temperatures can be difficult, especially on a budget. If the snow storms and cold temperatures left you feeling less than fashionable, check out our fabulous, fashionable and budget friendly winter looks. Here are our Shortcuts to Finding fabulous Winter Wear:

  • Shop online so you can try on different winter looks with Stuff you already have in the comfort of your own home. Have you ever tried on coats in a hot department store? Not pleasant! At home you can turn off the heat or step outside to cool off.
  • Use a site like Shopstyle to alert you when items you like go on Sale. Right now and through March, Nordstrom will have great deals on coats and jackets….just remember you can sort by price on Nordstrom’s website
  • Fight the fear and order a wide selection of coats, scarves and hats from one store so you can try different options. The sticker shock at the online checkout might give you a mild panic attack, but remind yourself you will be returning 90% of the items and you will be able to breath again…at least long enough to click the “submit order” button.
  • Order from a store that allows you to return to their Brick and Mortar store. Our pick: Nordstrom. They have amazing sales on coats, $5 shipping and super generous return policies.
  • Spend more on winter wear in basic colors and go for the cheaper items for trendy colors or prints. For example, basics from Nordies and trendy items from F21.
  • When your mail order winter goodies arrive by mail, plan to spend a few hours trying the new bobbles with things already in your wardrobe and take photos of yourself in different options so you can mull over and decide what to keep and what to return.

A day out on the Town

Work Chic

Rain or Snow wont Slow me Down

Night Time is the Right Time

Weekend Warrior

Brazen at ShopStyle

So, make some hot cocoa, order an insane amount of coats and make a date to enjoy this shortcut to fabulous winter wear!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Fashion Inspiration

I am Style-ish
Who: Tiffany, an uber fashionable professional works in human resources for “the man” by day and works with her hubby as a couples and wedding photographer by night….oh and did we mention she also has a fabulous blog about fashion and style!

What: A fun, beautiful and artsy (but in a completely approachable way) blog that chronicles Tiffany’s completely on-point, in-the-moment outfits as well as celeb styles and trends with style boards and links so you can buy the stuff you like. She describes the blog as a fashion blog with a focus on shoes, style and photography.

When: Almost everyday, including weekends for about a year and half now!

Where: Click here to enter her site….and make sure you sign up for her RSS feed, follow her on twitter and/or facebook.

Why: Because every fabulous gal should look to other fabulous and stylish women for fashion inspiration and Tiffany provides loads of inspiration, entertainment and beautiful things to look at…especially shoes!

Do you have a website you think is fabulous….let us know! If we feature your website, you win a $10 Target gift card. Click here for contest rules.

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