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Shortcut to Fabulous Designer Duds

twang2004912867_p1_v1_m56577569831833063_150x296Shopbop is a great resource for designer clothes, shoes and accessories at great prices. They are having a great sale right now, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. The website is a great place to shop because it is so well organized. You can sort by designer, category, price (low to high), trend, etc.

So, click here to check out Shopbop and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous fashion!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Memorial Day Savings at Anthropologie

shoppingAnyone who loves the clothes at Anthropologie knows that sales don’t come around too often. This weekend in honor of Memorial Day, Anthro is breaking out the red sale banners. If you want to snag the best stuff, you have to visit one of the websites that report on the sales. My two favorites are Effortless Anthropologie and Anthroholic. Effortless already has a listing of Memorial Day sale items and is predicting the ever elusive free shipping will return for the weekend! Click here to see the listing of items on sale now. Kim at Anthroholic has a listing as well and will likely post an update on her finds later on today. Click here to check out her blog.

So, happy shopping and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous Anthropologie bliss.

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Website Wednesday…Shortcut to Fabulous Fit cyber shopping!

shoppingWho: An overworked, underdressed mom of two who was sick of shopping online, only to receive ill-fitting clothes and faced with the daunting task of exchanging them for her correct size started the site to make sure she and other online shoppers could shop without online buyer’s remorse.

What: A website that allows you to input your measurements and get your size for hundreds of designers and fashion labels.

When: Whenever you are shopping online and want the perfect fit.


Why: Because who wants to pay to shipping for clothes that don’t fit and what better way to shop then online in your jammies!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Gingham Looks

Gingham is in this summer and we found some great gingham looks that wont break the bank!

So check it out (pun intended) and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous gingham!

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Miami Monday…Shortcut to Fabulous Sweet Treats and Southern Food

dinnerDowntown Miami is starting to come alive and nothing provides more proof of this than the slew of new fabulous restaurants popping up! One such restaurant, First & First Southern Baking Company, is a fun, hip eatery providing Southern food and goodies. Think updated, chic and trendy Cracker Barrel, but with better food. The restaurant is deceptively large. When you walk past the outdoor seating and step inside you are greeting by a huge glass case full of treats. If the restaurant looks full, walk all the way to the back and you can probably snag a high top table.

They are still working out a few kinks with regard to service on busy days, but the food is oh so delicious. If the service is a tad slow, don’t worry cause you will get a ton of apologies and free dessert. We recommend arriving early for lunch and ordering the chicken and dumplings or try a salad with a side of mac and cheese.

Desserts are the main attraction at this eatery and the bread pudding is the must try dessert. It is made with Krispy Kream donuts, which sounds weird, but somehow makes one darn delicious dessert. The flavor, consistency and scoop of dulce de leche ice cream make the perfect dessert. Click here to check out the menu. They also sell whole cakes and take special orders, so grab a card and think of First & First for the next dinner party or birthday celebration.

If you peruse the menu you will notice that they serve breakfast from 7 am to 11 am and they are open on Saturdays! So, we propose giving downtown development a little nudge and planning breakfast at First & First one fine morning. We think your taste buds wont regret it, even if your waistline does!

First & First Southern Baking Company
109 NE 1st Ave, Miami 33132
(At NE 20th Terrace)
Phone: (305) 577-6446

So, get your cornbread and biscuit fix and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous, fine dining southern style!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Summer Look!

Check out this fabulous affordable summer look we found for you!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Colorful Tunics

Tory Burch made the tunic cool again and thanks to her you can sport this versatile piece of clothing and stay in style!

Enjoy this shortcut to fabulous tunics!

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