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Website Wednesday…Shortcut to Fabulous As Seen on TV Fashion

shoppingWho: Seen On, bloggers that bring you favorite tv fashions to life.

What: A blog that gives you the 411 on styles and items worn by characters on your favorite tv shows like 90210, Desperate Housewives, the Real Housewives and more. Or you can shop by celebrity!

When: Whenever have a hankering to dress like your favorite tv character or see something on a tv show that you are in L-O-V-E with.


Why: Because we might as well let Hollywood pay the big bucks to stylists to create fabulous outfit options.

So, check out this site and get inspired by television fashion.

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Shortcut to Fabulous Dresses under $150

We fund a ton of dresses for work and play under $150! Check them out…

So, try one of these dresses on for size and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous feminine style!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Solar powered Outdoor Lighting

detailFamilyTmpCheck out these fabulous solar glowing globes that floats in water, stakes in a garden, or rests on a table — and require no electricity
You can select a single color program or program the sphere two ways to cycle through a spectrum of yellow, magenta, red, green, lilac, orange, blue, mint, and purple. The light lasts up to 12 hours per charge. They float too, so you can add ambiance and make your space look ultra chic by floating them in your pool or water feature. They are $29 a piece but add a ton of ambiance and are worth the price tag!

Click here to order.

So, add some light and color to your life and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous electricity free outdoor lighting.

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Miami Monday…Shortcuts to Fabulous Spa Deals all over town

spa_artworkFor the third year, Greater Miami Convention & Bureau is bringing us Miami Spa Month, which runs from July 1 through July 31, 2010. You can enjoy special treatments for $99 at Miami’s premier spas, such as the Biltmore Spa in the Gables, The Standard Spa on the beach and our favorite spa in town, Emena Spa in the Design District. Click here to see participating spas and the treatments that are included for Miami Spa Month.

So, gather some girlfriends, call a participating spa and plan a shortcut to fabulous relaxing spa day for $99!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Shoes

hp_usAldo is having a summer sale with shoes up to 50% off. They have some great styles available. This is a great opportunity to get some staple shoes you have been seeking for your summer wardrobe.

So, if the shoes fits buy it and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous summer savings!

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Website Wednesday…Shortcut to Fabulous Fashion Inspiration…for real life and a real budget

shoppingWho: Jamie Todd Miller, a native Californian living in Florida, who candidly professes that she has low paid advertising job that doesn’t let her shop to her heart’s content.

What: A fun blog where Jamie shares her fashion inspirations with you and shows you the ways she is creating great looks on a budget.

When: Whenever you need some fashion inspiration from a gal without a pimped out bank account and budget.


Why: Because with Jamie’s help you can go shopping in your own closet to create new looks!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Cardigans

Cardigans are like shoes…you can never have too many! Cardigans are especially useful for the summer when it is hot outside and then all of the sudden you step into an icebox. Here are some cardigans we found, most under $40:

So, wrap yourself in one of these cardigans and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous fashion.

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