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Shortcut to Fabulous Contest

custom_banner_1322968665Hollywood Fashion Secrets is hosting a fabulous video contest…I normallly don’t write about contests but I think this would be a fun since they have such great products contest to enter and the prizes are pretty fab! check out the prizes:

One grand prize winner will receive all the essentials needed to host their own glamorous Night at the Oscars Viewing Party with friends and family. Prize includes:

  • 32″ Flat Screen TV
  • Digital Camera
  • $500 Rent The Runway Gift Card
  • 15 Gift Bags for Guests
  • $300 Catering Budget
  • Invitation Stationary
  • Hollywood Oscar Ballots
  • Step & Repeat Banner

3 Finalists will receive:

  • A Hollywood Fashion Secrets prize pack
  • $150 Rent The Runway Gift Card
  • $100 Best Buy Gift Card

Interested in hosting an Oscars viewing party on Feb. 26, 2012? Submit a 30 sec. to 2 min. video featuring a Hollywood Fashion Secrets product. Content should be focused on 1) product review; 2) product testimonial; 3) demonstration on how to use the product; and/or 4) sharing tips and tricks related to the product. Each video must include one Hollywood Fashion Secrets product. You must mention the full product name two times per video. You must also mention Hollywood Fashion Secrets two times per video. Video will be judged on content, creativity and production quality. Have fun! For more info and contest rules click here.

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Shortcut to Fabulous Iphone cover…no joke!

iphone caseI am in absolute MAD LOVE with this iphone cover from Send the Trend. In my line of work I see the latest and greatest of accessories and this iphone case is like nothing else I’ve seen! Get one before they are gone! $29.99 including shipping…a total steal! Click here to join send the trend and get one…and I don’t even get credit if you join!

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Miami Monday…Shortcut to Fabulous Hair for the Holidays and Beyond….

Mail AttachmentA blow dry for $35 in Miami? One that is actually good? Yes, it really does exist at Blo in Mary Brickell Village. Blo has been open for about 2 months now and I have been your little guinea pig testing out a few different styles to see if Blo is worth the hype. The space is gorgeous, super clean and makes you feel like a total “It Girl.” The staff and stylists are friendly, but have a very “New York, let’s get the job done” kind of work ethic that is so hard to find here in Miami.

I love the fact that every time I have been they have given me a great blow dry and cut out the chitter-chatter amongst themselves that drives me bonkers. You know what I am talking about…the two stylists in the station next to each other, holding their blowdryers and brushes mid-air or mid-hair, chatting while you sit there fumbling wondering when they are going to stop talking about where they buy their groceries….grrr!Well, I have yet to experience that here and I have to say I LOVE it!

Now onto the hair, they have a fab hair menu with different styles to choose from. Click here to check it out….and yes all of these styles are $35! I have gotten several styles including the Hunt Club and the Holly Would pictured here and each time I have left the bar happy. So ladies, this is your new shortcut to fabulous hair. After being spoiled in New York with Blow Dry bars, Miami has finally arrived, and I for one am super thankful! Don’t forget to follow the Brickell location on twitter @HairF0rce0nehollywould

Blo Brickell
900 S. Miami Avenue, Unit 129
Miami, FL 33130
To book a blo or just chat call 305.374.BLO5 (2565)



7am-9am; 6pm-7pm (by appointment only)
9am-6pm (walk-ins and appointments accepted*)


7am-9am; 6pm-9pm (by appointment only)
9am-6pm (walk-ins and appointments accepted*)


7am-9am; 6pm-7pm (by appointment only)
9am-6pm (walk-ins and appointments accepted*)


11am-5pm (walk-ins and appointments accepted*)

*upon availability

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Shortcut to Fabulous Party Food

mer-060584These Chocolate drizzled meringue cookies from Miss Meringue would make a beautiful presentation at any party on a tiered dessert stand. These are the perfect low cal decadent treat for a cocktail party! Click here to get them.


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Shortcut to Fabulous Free Drinks, Nibbles and shopping in Miami tonight

Flyer Revised copyFlyer Revised copy2

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Shortcut to Fabulous Gift for the Cooks in your Life

knives This knife set is super affordable at $44.98 and comes with 6″ ceramic chef’s knife, 4.8″ ceramic slicing knife and a 3.2″ ceramic paring knife. They keep the prices low by cutting out the middle man and ceramic knives are fab because they hold up to kitchen abuse well. Shenzhen Ceramic Knives can be used by anyone for most slicing and cutting needs. These ceramic knives are made of an advanced ceramic called zirconia, the second hardest material known to man next to diamond. The material’s properties make it particularly resistant to wear and tear, which means that a ceramic blade can hold its edge much longer than a steel blade without the need for re-sharpening as often as steel knives.

I know knives don’t seem like a sexy gift, but I received a nice knife from a friend last year for my birthday and every time I am in the kitchen using it, I remember the friend and think…how thoughtful?! Bonus: When you give the knives you get yummy food :) Click here to get these knives.

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Shortcut to Fabulous Cheap Thrills

I have a tradition every holiday of giving my in-laws stockings full of fun goodies and new products. I have the best time introducing everyone to fun new products or some of my old faves. It is a great inexpensive way to spread some holiday cheer. This year I plan to do something something similar for my business. I am going to send key business contacts a holiday “stocking” stuffed with my favorite It products. Here are some of the products I will be including for the Fashionista Stocking:

lash card1. Lash Cards- No joke, no exaggeration, Lash Cards changed my make-up life. I discovered them not too long ago at an event I attended. Before Lash Cards came into my life, I NEVER wore mascara. It just seemed like too much of a pain and always clumped and smudged. Now with lash cards, I can have fab lashes in about 20 seconds. You take one of the cards out and hold it on your eyelid, then apply the mascara. Not only does it prevent clumping, but it curls your lashes and makes the mascara have more impact. They are only $4.99 for a pack of ten and you can get them by clicking here.

2. Belt Loopy Belt Hole Punch- How many times have you needed another hole in your favorite belt? I have been so desperate while creating an outfit that I have pulled out a kitchen knife to make a hole…so not cute. Belt Loopy is a fab company that creates loopies to secure your belts and they also have a fab belt hole punch in the line for less than $12. Every fashionista should have a “kit” that includes products you can use to put an outfit together in a pinch…a belt hole punch should definitely be in the kit! You can get one by clicking here.

3. Little i Breath Mint Tin- Little i makes a fab sugar-free breath mints packaged in a patented tin that slides open to reveal a handy little mirror-perfect for lip gloss, teeth and makeup checks. Pop a sugar-free mint and sneak a peek without anyone suspecting. In seconds flat, you’re home free with fresh breath and a sexy smile…for under $3. You can get one by clicking here. cute_open_R_low_res

4. Popchips- I have a little obsession with these salty treats. They keep coming out with fab new flavors so I never get tired of them. I am always shocked when I meet someone who has never heard of popchips because their snack sized bags are a part of my life and I credit popchips with keeping me slim and trim despite my no-workout ways. You can get them at gourmet food stores and grocers as well as Walgreens! These really would make a fab stocking stuffer because you would be introducing loved ones to a healthy chip that tastes like an unhealthy chip! POPCHIPS_BAG_JALAPENO_v12.0001

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