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Shortcut to Fabulous Flash Sale…House of Harlow 1960

house of harlow

I try desperately to stay away from my computer from 10:55 am to 12:15…why you might ask? Well to avoid the start times for Rue La La and Gilt flash sales. I used to be a serious flash sale addict and I have am proud to say I kicked the habit…the only problem is that I replaced that addiction with a cupcake and kit kat addiction. I am not at my computer from 10:55 am to 12:15 pm because I am out buying a Kit Kat or a Cupcake. Anywho, today I will be glued to my computer at 11:55 am waiting for the House of Harlow 1960 sale to start. I have been waiting to own one of Nicole Richie’s pieces, but I just can’t pay retail for a reality star’s fashion line. Now is her time to shine. Richie has always had a boho chic kind of aesthetic and with that look being all the rage along with tribal, her line is in its prime! Click here to check it out…and you not better cyber steal my necklace :)

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Shortcut to Fabulous Event…psst….I am going to be a guest Judge

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Shortcut to Fabulous $12 crochet earrings

crochet earrings

These fab earrings from Etsy seller, ArigigiArt are only $12 and I think they are perfectly on trend for the summer. There are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from and they are just so cheerful! Click here to check them out.

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Shortcut to Fabulous Purse Must Have

lint removing sheets

About six months ago, I was wearing my color of choice, black. I had a morning meeting at one of those uber cool and chic offices that allow employees to bring their pets. I don’t have pets, so usually my black clothes are fab right off the hanger. I went to the meeting and sauntered out thinking I was hot $hit (the meeting went well). I proceeding to sashay around town to a bundle of other meetings with a nice little lint laden swagger. I walked around half the day with a rear full of lint and pet hair. Of course, no one said anything until one of my close girlfriends (you know who you are and THANK YOU) told me my a$$ looked like it came from a kennel. Well, after dying of embarrasment, I went home and immediately ordered these lint pads from Hollywood Fashion Secrets to keep in my purse. I love Hollywood Fashion Secrets products. No one is paying me to say this or giving me any free stuff for it. I just really do like their products, they have a bunch of really useful stuff for girls on the go and these lint pads are perfect to keep in your make-up bag for those hairy situations…bah dum tsh. All kidding and puns aside, I love these because they are less bulky than lint rollers but do the same job!

Lint Removing Sheets 4.99

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Miami Monday…Shortcut to Fabulous Store Re-Opening


I really hate Dadeland mall and if it weren’t for two stores (Zara and Henri Bendel), I would never go. Zara recently did some remodeling and were closed FOREVER. I am happy to report they have finally reopened their doors in Dadeland mall!


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Shortcut to Fabulous Happy Hour Finder

happy houred

It is Friday and Five o’clock somewhere in the world, so that means it is time for Happy Hour. I found you two fab apps that will help you select a great happy hour to get your weekend started on the right note. Frist up is called, Happy Houred. This app is totally free and has listings for over 22,000 happy hours in 2,000 U.S. cities and towns. There are fact checkers that make sure the stale deals are deleted. Every bar listed has a bar profile. You can find the best happy hour by searching for the type of the type of drinks you are looking for…no more getting stuck in some lame bar that serves cheap wine…what is a happy hour withoutwine or bubbly?!! I just love the graphics on this app…they make me happy before I’ve even taken a sip of alcohol and it is so easy to use! For worldwide drinking and debauchery, I use the App, Drink Specials. This app has a cool feature in that you can verify or stike a drink special and when it does the search it tells you how long ago the special was verified. Plus this app is worldwide!!!

So, get your drink on and make sure you toast to Shortcuts to Fabulous.


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Shortcut to Fabulous Small Space Entertaining- Serving Pieces

slate serving
I love entertaining and now that Summer is around the corner, it is time to start planning some fab summer soirees. Having lived in big cities for much of my life, I have always been a little short on space for entertaining. But with a little creativity, I have managed to throw some fun fetes and cram lots of friends and family into a small space. I have some tips on furniture arrangement for small space entertaining here. Today, I am going to focus on serveware. Having a nice arsenal of serveware that can serve double and even triple duty is really essential to pint sized Martha Stewart living. Here are my favorite must have serving pieces that are affordable, chic and can be used for a myriad of dishes.
These spreaders are great for dips, brunch jams and jellies or even a self serve sandwich bar $24.95 for a set of 4 from Crate and Barrel.

I love everything from the West Elm Hammered metal collection, but I have two of these hammered metal bowls and I love them! They are $24.95 a piece and can be used for cold and hot dishes and go with any theme or decor!

This $24.00 white platter from West Elm can serve triple duty as serveware for meats, bread and other foods and also as a tray for a mini bar or even to hold candles.

Crate and Barrel Mini Tongs can be used for everything from Salad to meats and bread! $9.99

This is a MUST HAVE!!! You can use the bowls and tray as separate pieces. Spread cheeses and crackers on the tray and put dips in the bowls for a great presentation. A total steal at $9.99 from West Elm.

I have about ten sets of the $2.95 sugar tongs which I never use for sugar. I use them for everything from Olives to cheese cubes to shrimp cocktail. They are the perfect pint sized tool for serving bite sized treats.





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