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Shortcut to Fabulous Skin

taylor owen

Finding facial products that work to make your skin look and feel good can be difficult and  to be honest I am so lazy when it comes to skincare it is hard for me to like anything that is not a face wipe. I recently tried Taylor Owen natural cleanser and anti-aging cream. The natural cleanser left my face feeling silky smooth,  which kinda made it worth the effort to actually get off the couch and wash my face in the sink. It did not make my face feel oily or feeling heavy with soap residue like many cleansers  do.  The products are free from harsh chemicals, like salicylic acid which is commonly used in facial cleanser, which is great for all you ladies with sensitive skin.  The anti-aging cream was also light but effective.  The cream made my skin feel smooth and firm…not firm enough to skip Botox, but worth a try.   It also tones and keeps face hydrated.  Anyhow that is my take on this product gifted to me by a friend at a PR firm who knows I am too lazy to wash my face and thought this might persuade me…and I think she maybe did.

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