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Shortcut to Fabulous Two in One Lipsticks

laura geller

When I am sick and stuck in bed, I do four things: work, research from my laptop, watch trash TV and shop HSN, ShopNBC and QVC. QVC usually sucks me in first, especially when Laura Geller is on with her fab make-up products. If you haven’t tried Laura Geller make-up, you should definitely give it a whirl. I recently scored this lipstick duo for $30 on QVC which is really four lip colors in two tubes. Each lipstick has two colors…one on each side. I love this concept! The lipstick doesn’t have the best staying power, but the colors are great and the feel is creamy and luxurious on your lips. Plus you can blend the two colors to create a third color!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Five Networking Tips


Being an entrepreneur and all, I have to get my hiney in gear and take advantage of any and all networking opportunities. The next great job or client can be found…well ANYWHERE. I have gotten job interviews meeting someone in a restaurant, gotten clients from striking up a conversation on the subway. The world is our oyster ladies and all you have to do is figure out how to harvest them.  If you are looking for a place to practice your networking skills, go where the busy entrepreneurs go…..go to get some more education and meet other busy entrepreneurs by earning an organizational development degree from an accredited school. Here are five helpful tips for networking a.k.a. harvesting your oysters:

1. Look the part. Never go anywhere where you might be seen not looking the part. If you are going to an event where a lot of industry heavyweights will be, spend the extra cashola for a blow dry or some extra time in the mirror. I never go to a big event without making sure I have a pulled together look. In fact, I have skipped events when I knew I didn’t have time to really pull myself together properly. It takes two seconds to size someone up, so make sure your 2 second glance is worth it.

2. Smile. If you are not sure what to say or how to strike up a conversation, smile and say hello. A smile is infectious. When I am in a situation where I feel socially awkward. I smile and say hello to the closest person. 9 times out of 10 a conversation will ensue. If the hello is followed by awkward silence, I stir my drink, bid them adieu and move on.

3. Find someone with a great outfit or accessory talking in a group and interject to compliment the item. This works EVERY time. I can’t tell you how many people I have met because I am not shy about compliments. When I see a woman sporting a fab look, I feel that she deserves to know someone noticed! I love when she is in a group chatting with people because I can just go up, say excuse me and tell her how fab she looks in front of everyone else. This usually gets me an “in” on the conversation and sometimes a new friend. We need to be supportive of other women and send the right energy out into the world and I believe giving a woman kudos on her personal appearance or style is a great way to do this.

4. Have business cards easily accessible. If you are on the hunt for a new job, order personal contact cards and have them easily accessible at ALL times. I am not the most organized gal in the world, so I load EVERY purse I own with business cards and refill once a month. I never want to be somewhere and not have a card ready. Added bonus: I re-discover fun purses when I am in refill mode.

5. If all else fails look for the lone soldier and go talk to them. We’ve all been to those functions where EVERYONE knows EVERYONE except for you and the bartender. When that happens to me and I am feeling especially awkward, I quickly scan the room and find someone standing by themselves. I beeline it over to them, smile, say hi and ask them how they are connected to the event. If I really can’t find anyone by themselves talking to the bar tender or someone at the venue can actually prove to be fruitful networking as well. I got a tip on a gig from a bartender at an event once.

The truth is you really never do know where you will meet someone. I have made business contacts in magazine section of Barnes & Noble, on the Subway, in a hair salon and even in the grocery store. Keep your eyes and ears open when you are out and about and don’t be afraid to speak up if someone says something that piques your interest.

*Please note I was compensated for a link, but I just took a webinar myself and take courses at my local community college and online frequently, so I am a big believer in this.


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Shortcut to Fabulous Stats to help Empower Women

career imagesOkay, so even though I am a lawyer, I pretty much find everything our lawmakers do to be a total snooze fest. However, a report by the Majorty Staff of the Joint Economic Committee Representative Carolyn B. Maloney came to my attention this week and it made my jaw drop…in a good way! The report is titled, “Invest in Women, Invest in America: A Comprehensive Review of Women in the U.S. Economy.” The report is kind of long…252 pages kind of long, but it includes statistics and facts that will fill you with empowerment and will make you want to sneak a few copies onto your boss’s desk. Page 17 of the report contains the following paragraph, which not only makes sense but makes me want to rent out a Time Square billboard and plaster the stats on it for a few years…read and weep boys:

Take, for instance, women’s role in business. Firm performance correlates directly with women’s representation in corporate leadership. Companies with the most women on their boards of directors outperform those with the fewest women on their boards on myriad key performance measures – return on invested capital is 66 percent higher in firms with strong female representation, return on equity is 53 percent higher, and return on sales is 42 percent higher.17 The link between women’s representation on corporate boards and firm performance holds across industries. Fortune 500 firms with the best record of promoting women to senior positions, including their boards of directors, are more profitable than their peers.18 The 25 firms with the best promotion records post returns on assets 18 percent higher, and returns on investments 69 percent higher, than the Fortune 500 median for their industry…

Women leaders are more likely than their male peers to demonstrate types of leadership behavior that positively affect corporate organizational performance, including participative decision-making, role modeling, inspiration, expectations and rewards, and mentoring.20″

I know this is a departure from the normal Shortcuts to Fabulous living tips given on this website, but knowledge is power, and  this report and some of the information contained in the report might empower some of you to ask for the promotion you deserve or the raise you earned too long ago to mention. In fact, I think some of the statistics contained in the report might be great to have on hand for your next meet and great with management. There is absolutely no reason that women are still earning 77 cents for every dollar that a man earns, but if we take some time out to absorb information like the information contained in the senate report referenced above, we can start to chip away at the pay gap! Click here for the full Senate report and please pass along to all your girlfriends, sisters, mothers and daughters.

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Website Wednesday…Shortcut to Fabulous Talk Radio for free

Who: Blog Radio

What: Free radio via the internet.

When: Whenever you like!


Why: Because information is power and there is a ton of information on Blog Talk Radio, including my new favorite program…Views from The Top hosted by Adrienne Graham. Did I mention that Ms. Graham invited me as a guest on her show last week!

Listen to internet radio with Views from the Top on Blog Talk Radio
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Shortcut to Fabulous Career Looks!

career imagesLooking good at work and everyday when out and about is important because you never know who you will run into in the office or on your lunch break…it could be the person who can give you your next great job! Sometimes it is hard to pull of a polished look when you’ve hit the snooze button a few too many times, but I have some no-fail tips to keep you looking put together and polished every day:

  • Have a few outfits on reserve that you can throw on in a pinch when you wake up late and don’t have time to shave your legs! Think of outfits with pants and tights that you can pair with simple tops for a polished look.
  • Perfect the five minute make-up routine. Mine consists of moisturizer with sunscreen, under-eye and blemish concealer, foundation, creme blush, eyeliner (on top lid only), lipliner and gloss. Click here and here for some tutorials on five minute make up routines on You Tube.
  • Don’t forget the accessories. Have some simple silver and gold ball and pearl earrings on hand for those days when you don’t have time to find the perfect accessory.
  • Develop a five minute hair routine. When I am in a rush, I put my hair half up and use a flat iron to smooth my hair. If you don’t have a five minute hair routine, call your local beauty school and see if you can make an appointment for a tutorial at the training salon.
  • Make sure your handbag and shoes coordinate with your outfit. I keep everything I need in my handbag in a cosmetic bag that I can easily remove and put inside another handbag, so changing purses is easy.
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Shortcut to Fabulous Interview Tips

career imagesFor most people job interviews are nerve wracking and no fun at all. I happen to love interviews because I feel like it is my chance to show a potential employer how fabulous I am!  Here are some tips and tricks to help you show potential employers how fabulous you are…and you are!!!!

Be nice to the gatekeepers…receptionists, secretaries, assistants. They often have close relationships with hiring managers and will tell them about a negative interviewee.

Show that you are a team player and if you’re not figure out how to be one!

Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Name a strength and a weakness
  • Where do you see yourself in five years
  • What is a challenge that you have overcome and how did you overcome said challenge

If you already employed expect them to ask, “why x company, why now?” Answer is a positive way!

  • “I’ve had an amazing experience at company “A,” but I am interested in company x because I think the position allows me to utilize my skills to maximum capacity and provide the most value to my employer.”

Confirm an interview the day before. It shows that you are responsible and understand that rescheduling sometimes occurs.

Arrive at the interview 10 minutes early. If something happens that has you running late, call and let them know you will be running late. We’ve all been late to important appointments, so a phone call is much more likely to put the interviewer in an understanding mood when you do arrive.

Cover tattoos and piercings. Only one earring per ear!

Write a thank you note or email within 24 hours of the interview.

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Website Wednesday…Shortcut to a Fabulous Raise

imagesWho: Smart people with a great website called Get Raised, who have all of the data complied about salaries and stuff that can help you get a raise!

What:  A simple four step process with one great promise at the end of it all.

1.  Tell them what you do,where you do it, and how much you’re paid—it is that easy.

2. We compare your salary to others in your area and tell you if you’re underpaid for free!

3. We ask you a few questions to prepare acustom raise request that you can print out for just $20.

4. You give your boss the raise request and ask for your raise! If you don’t get a raise within 6 months, we’ll refund your money.

A raise within six months, or your money back. That’s the $20 promise….yes it only costs $20 for the service.

When: Today!


Why: Cause who doesn’t deserve some more shoe and handbag money!!

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