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Shortcut to Fabulous Gift for Girlfriends in the Office

Good Luck Series Mini Emergency Kit $15

Good Luck Series Mini Emergency Kit $15

I just think this makes the most fab gift for office colleagues, assistants or any gal that you like but don’t know well enough to know her taste. Mr. and Mrs., a company that makes emergency kits has a fab holiday collection that is oh so cute and at $15 for each kit, it makes the perfect gift or stocking stuffer!

The Good Luck Series features rich, saturated patent pouches in ten on-trend colors: Cherry Red, Eggplant, Yellow, Periwinkle, Neon Pink, Black, Taupe, Cobalt Blue, Coral, and Green. Each bag is adorned with one of five good luck charms: a Chinese symbol of good fortune, a wishbone, an evil eye (to ward off wardrobe malfunctions), a horseshoe, and a four-leaf clover.

Contains 16 must-haves: Hairspray, Clear Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Emery Board, Lip Balm, Earring Backs, Clear Elastics, Sewing Kit, Double-Sided Tape, Stain Remover, Deodorant Towelette, Pain Reliever, Tampon, Breath Freshener, Dental Floss, Adhesive Bandages.Click here to purchase. Cherry Red Contents

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Shortcut to Fabulous faves from the New York Gift Show


I spent a few hours at the New York Gift Show this week (totally not enough time for this GINORMOUS TRADE SHOW). Here is a round-up of my faves in no particular order…

Hexagonal Necklace from Brevity Jewelry ($30) – Met the designer and she is presh. Totally in LOVE with this necklace.


Plat du Jour Paper Placemats- The designs were fresh, modern and adorable and the designer duo behind these fun and practical placements were adorable. Before you worry about the killing of trees for placemat kitsch, they are made from recycled material. Their website is under construction, but I will try and get my hands on a photo and post on it.

Love Nature NYC Trascentdence Candles ($38)- The freakin coolest candles made in NYC which ups their cool factor in my book by about 200%. Met the owner, Jared, who is totally awesome and told me this new line is soy which is sooo much better than dangerous chemical filled candles and the jars are made from recycled glass and each one comes in an adorable box made from recycled material printed using eco-freindly veggie based ink. Totally want to stock my gift closet with these candles for host gifts.

100% Gumdrop Flip Flop necklaces  ($50)- These flip flop necklaces are cute and sassy at the same time and are the perfect fall accessory. Basically the necklaces have sayings on each end, so where the clasp would be in the back is a whole other necklace that you can change depending on your mood…perfect for those schizo PMSing days! They are available combinations are : Yes/No; Why/Because; Angel/Devil;  I Love You/Go Away (my have); Hello/Goodbye; Sweetie/Trouble. They are 14K gold dipped and made right here in the good ol’ USA.

Sallyeander Soaps No-Bite Me all natural bug repellent and after bite cream ($12.95). I know this one seems kind of out of place, but as a girl who always gets eaten alive by mosquitos, I was thrilled to find this all natural repellent that is even safe for babies. It comes in a creme form and soap ($4.95) which is great for you outdoorsy types that like nature. It smells pleasant and again is all natural so you won’t grow a third arm after using it. Comes from a family owned company and I met the owner’s son, Sam who by the way is the little boy on the no-bite-me jar (just more grown up and not wearing overalls…at least not at the show).

New Hope Soap ($17)- There is something about soap that just makes me swoon and when you can personalize soap with your monogram or custom message, I get even more excited. Plus, I love the fact that this company is again, family run (can you tell I love small businesses?) by a father/daughter team and all the soaps are made in the USA. How cute is that?!!! You can even get sets with disposable guest towels included. I am just coming up with a clever message to put on my soap…maybe I can write embed all my household soap with not-so-subliminal messages for the hubs (take out the trash, clean up your mess, buy wife nice gifts too bad there is a character limit….or maybe I can make curse word soaps).


 Flote Trilogy Bag ($160)- Every once in a while you come across a product that could change a part of your life. This could be the product for me. The owner and creator, Jill, just came out with this fab new bag, the trilogy, pictured here in my have color, Oak. The bag looks like an ordinary cross body, but it is soooo not ordinary. It comes with three separate compartments, or sections. Each section is detachable and the largest fits and iPad…Say hello to my new travel companion. With this and my Chick on the Go Wardrobe kit, I can practically travel to Europe with a tote bag and this purse! If you travel and you don’t buy this bag, you are crazy.


Daphne Lorna Silk Wrap Bracelet with Antique Hammered Brass Piece ($48)- This Montana based designer really has something special. These bracelets feel like something you would in the mountains of Thailand, but then you find out they are designed and made right in America’s heartland by super sweet sister team, Cindy McCoy and Daphne Evans, and you want them even more. These folks are the real McCoy. I love the orange color pictured here but they come in 15 different colors and she has other styles as well including silk wraps with no embellishment…basically the next time you get annoyed with work and need a mental vacation, check out this website and give yourself a retail therapy session.

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Shortcut to Fabulous Iphone Apps for Gals on the Go


I had a business meeting/girl gossip fest with a colleague yesterday and when we were going over our to-do’s for a particular project, she looked  at me and said, “I need the Shortcut to Fabulous on Apps…what apps do you have on your phone?”  Behold…below I tell you what I’ve got and why. Also, I want to take this time to announce a format change on my blog. In an effort to bring you better content that will really give you all the Shortcuts to Fabulous living you need, I will now be posting only once per week for my national readers and twice (including Miami Monday) for my Miami readers. If there is breaking news or something fab I find that I am just gushing to tell you about, then I will post, but from now on you are guaranteed a weekly post that I promise will give you some great tips to help you career gals on the go who are full of zest but short on time. I will also be producing monthly webisodes filled with great tips and funny faces. Anyway, stay tuned in the coming months as Shortcuts to Fabulous works hard to help you, my reader, get useful tips that will help you lead your fabulous lives with a little more ease. If there is a topic you would like for me to cover, please email me: editor {at} shortcutstofabulous {dot} com.

Hopstop (free): Helps me get around in big cities with public transportation.

Flight Track Pro ($9.99): Helps me keep my travel schedule straight and notifies me of delays, gate changes often before they show up on the airport flight boards and before the airline notifies you. Also helps me stalk my hubs when he travels.

Trip Deck- Travel Itinerary Organizer (Free): Helps me manage hotel reservations, car rentals, flights, meetings, etc in one handle location. Perfect for busy business trips. Good alternative to Flight Track Pro if you don’t want to spend $.

Open Table (Free): Let’s me make din-din reservations at my favorite restaurants in my favorite cities. Love it for impromptu dinners on the fly.

Google + (Free): Helps me stay connected via Google + and manage my account. Great when I am at an event because once I check-in on party mode all of the pics I take are automatically uploaded.

Menu Pages (Free): Helps me find food to fit my cravings no matter what city I am in.

Skype (Free): Helps me stay connected to friends and business contacts all over the world.

Super Planner ($9.99): Helps me when I am producing an event figure costs, capacity, etc.

Billings (Free): Helps me ensure accurate billing for my clients when I am out and about.

Happy Houred (Free): Helps me locate the nearest happy hour when I need a drink…stat!

What’s App (Free): Helps me text message in foreign countries via wi-fi without hefty overseas text fees.

Gigwalk (Free): A fun app that lists gigs available in my area and lists the pay so if I see someone wanting to pay $100 to have me run their kids lunch money across town, I am ready for the challenge (I haven’t acting signed up for a gig yet, but for some reason I like looking to see what gigs are out there)

Wunderlist: Helps me make lists for all of my clients and projects and keep track of deadlines…basically helps keep my type K (as in Kit Kat) personality looking more Type A

Dropbox (Free): Allows me access to all of my dropbox files on the go and let’s me upload photo and video from my iphone directly into my dropbox.

Scanner Pro ($6.99): Allows me to scan docs, receipts, business cards while out on the town and save them to my evernote, dropbox, email and more.

Check out my fave pic apps here.

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Shortcut to Fabulous All Natural Cleansing Cloth


A few months ago I confessed to you  that I have a nasty little habit of going to sleep with a full face of make up. Trying to break the habit in a way that accepts my laziness, I bought about every facial cleaning wipe known to man and I concluded that Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Wipes were my fave. Well since then, I have been unable to located those little minxes and so I had to search again. I am so glad this happened because I have a new fave: Yes Blueberry Facial Towelettes. You get a pack of 30 for $7.99…that is $8 for a month of a clean face. Since I have been using these wipes, I have seen a reduction in breakouts and my skin feels softer. What I love even more is that I don’t have to feel guilty about being lazy and going the wipe route, because they are biodegradable and they are 99% natural (free of parabens, SLS and petroleum). The blueberry line is apparently for Mature skin and although I wouldn’t classify my thirties something skin as mature, I can’t deny how fab my skin has looked since I found these little suckers.

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Shortcut to Fabulous Two in One Lipsticks

laura geller

When I am sick and stuck in bed, I do four things: work, research from my laptop, watch trash TV and shop HSN, ShopNBC and QVC. QVC usually sucks me in first, especially when Laura Geller is on with her fab make-up products. If you haven’t tried Laura Geller make-up, you should definitely give it a whirl. I recently scored this lipstick duo for $30 on QVC which is really four lip colors in two tubes. Each lipstick has two colors…one on each side. I love this concept! The lipstick doesn’t have the best staying power, but the colors are great and the feel is creamy and luxurious on your lips. Plus you can blend the two colors to create a third color!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Photo Apps

Turn any photo into a Graffiti Image

I got sick a few weeks ago and had to cancel all my meetings and spend a day in bed. What is a fidgety workaholic to do when a cold’s got her down. Well research to find the best FREE Photo Apps of course. Here are my faves in no particular order:

  • Color Effects- Allows you to color and recolor photos.

    Color Effects lets you selectively color and recolor photographs

  • Graffiti Me- Turns any photo into a graffiti effect photo with brick wall backdrop that you can “spray” graffiti messages on the photo…LOVE this app!
  • Turn any photo into a Graffiti Image

  • Photo Toaster Jr- The best photo editor I could find for ease and effects to your pictures. Check out how gorgeous this photo of the risotto meatballs from Craftbar in NYC turned out with Photo Toaster.

    This photo editing App will make you look like a professional photographer!

  • BeFunky-Has so many fun effects…way more than instagram from Sketch (seen here) to Retro

Be Funky has awesome effects!

  • Picture Effect Magic- Another app with great effects
  • Viddy- This app lets you share video and helps you turn everyday moments into movies.
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Shortcut to Fabulous Key to Coed Travel- An Item you Never knew you Needed but you sooo do!

you go girl

Have you ever been on a trip with a boyfriend, lova’, your gay boyfriend or anyone for that matter and found yourself wishing they would leave the room to go get a cup of coffee so you can take care of some necessary “business?” I can’t believe I am writing about this…this is sooooooo not me, but I realized that I would be a really crappy (*) blogger if I didn’t share one of the secret items that should be on every girl’s packing list. The item: You Go Girl Toilet “Conditioner” The purpose: Keeping the illusion alive that your $hit don’t stink….literally…I know this is so gross so I am just going to quote from the package now, “Your business shouldn’t be anyone else’s. Reduce bathroom anxiety on airplanes, restaurants or at work with You Go Girl. Just pour a packet into the toilet before use to mask embarrassing odors, dampen sounds and eliminate splash. Biodegradable, phosphate-free formula is safe to flush, and each packet is small enough to carry discreetly in your purse, day bag or pocket, so you can feel confident taking care of business away from home. 10-pack.”  Where to get it: One of my favorite online travel stores, Magellans, click here to check it out. A ten pack is $12.85. Why you Need it: Well if it isn’t obvious why this isn’t the greatest item you never knew you needed, then you are clearly way more secure about yourself than the rest of us and Dr. Oz is very proud.

* Yes, I went there with the silly pun…I know maje cheeseball, but I was so uncomfortable writing this blog post, I went from zero to cheese in under 30 seconds. Please excuse. I am going to go die now…Mom I know you read my blog and I know I was not raised to discuss these topics in public…didn’t learn this one in etiquette school, but it is a public service for all womankind :)


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