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Shortcut to Fabulous Tips on Organizing your Beauty Products from @Glamourmag

Inexpensive easy ways to Organize your Beauty Products in the Bathroom

In the digital age, we are now bombarded with content whether it be from Twitter, Pinterest, websites, e-blasts…you name the source, we get info updates on a micro-second basis. With all of this information, you would think we would all have perfect homes, perfect hair and eat perfect meals. But alas….we get bombarded with information, but how much of it is just a load of rubbish or recycled information from 100 other websites? I really work hard to make sure that the content you receive on this website is unique and original and when someone else has a Shortcut to Fabulous living that tops anything I can come up with, I send you over to them for the day, hoping you subscribe to the old addage, “Make new friends, but keep the old”….weren’t we all Brownies at some point?!

Today, I made a discovery on Glamour Magazine’s blog that really had me in awe. They give you fab ways to organize the mess that has become our beauty products in the bathroom. Lord knows I have tried to tame that beast referred to as “War Paint” by the hubs, but every day my bathroom looks like Duane Read, Target and Nordstrom beauty aisles exploded on my vanity.  You really have to click here to check out Glamour’s clever ways to get whip your bathroom vanity into shape…on and these are tips you can do yourself…not the ones that require a ton of money or sleeping with a carpenter. Bravo to Beth Shapouri who wrote the article…I don’t know you, but I sure want to after seeing this!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Discount on Home Decor

logo_mainGroupon has a great deal right now…$30 for $60 Worth of Designer Home Décor from One Kings Lane, the member’s only flash sale site with amazing home decor items going on sale most days at 11 am. Click here to get the deal.

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Shortcut to Fabulous Artwork…Any style, any price

2285_4hoa979gkaue98i3fjqlmpoln5_iw77qhEYuK7XCUPp_1_350x500Zatista is a website that sells original arwork in every style and for every budget. Each and every work of art on Zatista is 100% unique, 100% original. Just like you, there is only one. Choose different. Choose the original. Because Zatista represents hundreds of artists from all over the world, we are able to charge commission rates to our artists that are far below that of traditional galleries (30-40% lower). The result is that you get art directly from the artist at prices that are never inflated with heavy commissions. You get quality, original art at affordable prices – direct from the artist. You can search by type (painting, photograph, mixed media, drawing), medium, style, color and price! The eggplant print shown here is only $70! Do you have a wall that you have ben trying to find some artwork for but never find the right piece for the right price…well then check out Zatista!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Fashionable, Affordable Home Decor

bemzDo you ever open up a glossy magazine and see a chair upholstered in a bold print or color and think it looks fabulous, but you don’t want to spend big money on a piece with such a trendy print?! Well, now you can quench your thirst to fill your home with a statement piece of furniture sporting the latest trendy fabric with the help of a company called Bemz. Bemz is an online retailer, selling slipcovers and fabric made to fit IKEA furniture in bold, fun and trendy prints and colors. They have fun prints and solid color fabrics, including cozy chennile and Marimekko prints. They will send you fabric swatches for free too!

For less than $300 you could add a fun statement piece of furniture to your decor and when the style changes you can change with it. We recommend the buying the IKEA Tullsta chair for $99 and finding a great cover.

So slip on a new slipcover and enjoy this shortcut to a fabulous, fashion forward home!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Wall Decor

HG000182We found this fun, fabulous golden flower bursts at Jayson Home and Garden, click here to order. They start at $45 and will make a big impact…even with a small budget. We think these bursts look great as shown here in a group of three, but if you are on a tight budget try getting just one and grouping it with some lower end items such as the chestnut profile shelves from the Container Store photographed below on sale for under $30. Get two different size shelves and then one burst. Group them along a wall. You can change out the pictures and items displayed on the shelves whenever your mood changes! You can add even more impact by spray painting objects gold or brass color and putting them on the shelves. Any object would work. You could find an ugly garden frog on the clearance shelf in the Garden section at your local home improvement store. Spray paint it gold or brass color, and…voila…a decorator look on a budget!

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Shortcut to Fabulous French Inspired Decor

il_430xN.156427410We found an Etsy store, Littlebrownpen’s Shop, with positively perfect photographs of all things French. The photos are beautiful and not kitschy or trite. They have a modern feel. Pick a few prints, frame them up and group them on a wall for a unique, crisp, modern and sleek with a nod to Paris look. Our favorites are the Impressions of Paris collections, which are collections of photographs grouped by color theme. They have red, yellow, beige/neutral, black & white, blue, pink (photographed here), green and gray. Nine photographs are included in the set and are only $36.00!!!! The Impressions of Paris collection includes nine original 5×5 inch photos with a white border for framing. All photos are printed on heavy, fine art, 100% cotton rag paper. It’s archival, acid-free, and has an enhanced matte coating for exceptional color.

So, add some flair to your home decor and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous French photography!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Solar powered Outdoor Lighting

detailFamilyTmpCheck out these fabulous solar glowing globes that floats in water, stakes in a garden, or rests on a table — and require no electricity
You can select a single color program or program the sphere two ways to cycle through a spectrum of yellow, magenta, red, green, lilac, orange, blue, mint, and purple. The light lasts up to 12 hours per charge. They float too, so you can add ambiance and make your space look ultra chic by floating them in your pool or water feature. They are $29 a piece but add a ton of ambiance and are worth the price tag!

Click here to order.

So, add some light and color to your life and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous electricity free outdoor lighting.

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