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Shortcut to Fabulous Fall Fashion preview…the @NeimanMarcus book is out!

Screen shot 2012-08-07 at 6.00.11 PM

My mailbox had a special surprise today…Neiman Marcus’s “THE BOOK” which is published every pre-season providing a completely on-point beautifully editorialized run down of the trends. This year’s fall September issue is gorgeous and full of items for my Fall wish list including some Chanel bags that made me drool. I usually save to splurge on a few items at Neimans each season and then use “The Book” for inspiration to create a nice outfit with highs and lows. I saw this piece on Brooches and thought this would be a great trend to mimic with inexpensive vintage peices found at flea markets, estate sales and Ebay. I love the idea of clustering brooches for added drama. I have a few fab brooches that will be used this Fall to mimic this trend on a budget. If you are broochless, check out my post on estate sales here and happy hunting.

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Shortcut to Fabulous Wacky Tacky Shoes

top shop cap toe shoes

So, I am on a bit of a shoe tear right now. I hate that I get obsessed with something for a while because my blog posts really show my obsessive tendencies. Anyhow, I found these completely tacky shoes on the Topshop website. They might be a little tacky, tack, but with an all black outfit a total smash. These puppies are $110 on Topshop and you can get them here.

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Shortcut to Fabulous Designer Rain Boot…on SALE

valentino rainboot nordstrom anniversary sale

I happen to live and work in two cities that get a fair amount of rain, and yet, I don’t own rain boots. I have wanted to buy a pair, but something always stops me…until today. I found these adorable completely precious rain boots at Nordstrom almost half off right now because of their Anniversary Sale. I went to my local Nordies and tried on the 36. I fell in mad, insane, crazy for you love. They fit true to size with a little room for some cozy socks. I am supposed to be saving money for my big move to the big Apple, but I HAD to have these puppies. They make me happy, they are on sale and they are perfect for my petite frame. They are on sale until Agust 6th for $119…marked down from $195. Valentino people! I ordered the black because black goes with everything. Plus, when I tried on the the pink ones at my local Nordstrom, they had a big black scuff on them which is no bueno. Also note my size was on backorder, but at this price, I can wait. Check them out here. They are supposed to arrive in mid-August and I kinda can’t wait for them to arrive and for it to rain all day long!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Summer Look summer style picks

The peeps at asked me to peruse their website and pick my favorite summer styles from their ginormous selection. You can check out all my picks here, but I wanted to give you some summer styling tips for creating a pulled together look perfect for brunch, a summer BBQ, a date night and more!

Here are the links to the items:

Lilly Pulitzer Wedge $238

David Aubrey Multi-Strand Blues Bracelet $78

Style Nest Hope Bracelet $18

Denim Lily Starfish Ring $24

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunnies $149

Euphoria Dress by Seduce $146

Beaded Bracelet by Denim Lilly $21

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Shortcut to Fabulous Henri Bendel Sale with some Must have Summer Travel Items

Henri Bendel's Summer Sale

I know I have been on a bit of a travel kick lately. Here’s what: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE travel and I know this is blasphemy to say, but I am not a huge fan of summer fashion. As I type I am sure the Fashion Gods are stripping me of my magical “editor of a blog” powers, but the thing is that I just look better in winter clothes and since it is so hot in the summer my allergy to exercise and anything that causes sweat results in weight gain which has me dreading bikini season. Anyhow, this is all besides the point..yes there is a point….Henri Bendel is having their Brown and White sale right now and there are a few items on my gotta have it list that are perfect for travel:

The absolute perfect travel accessory to avoid a meltdown…of your make-up that is. Marked down from $58 to $29…this is a no brainer

Such a fan of this travel tote that it is my third pick in an animal print below. This bag will fit all the essentials you need to board an airplane and lead a jet set life…on a budget of course. Marked down from $178 to $89.

The sassy little sister to the Black tote above…this little number will help you take a walk on the wild side. Marked down from $168 to $84, this is perfect summer accessory for planes, trains and automobiles.




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Shortcut to Fabulous $20 tops

Screen shot 2012-06-30 at 4.09.34 PM

Anthropologie is having a great summer sale right now. I scored some really great summer tops for $20 each this week. My favorite is the lavender and white striped top with a cut-out back. What I love about the top is that the back hangs lower which is great for days when you want to wear white pants and comfy undergarments….you ladies know what I am talking about…some days you just feel like not having to worry about VPL. I also love that the cut-outs are placed in a strategic spot that covers my back fat and allows me to wear a normal bra. This is the perfect cut-out top for large chested gals who feel like they have to sit on the sidelines for the back cut-out trend because of they need the support of a traditional bra. You check check out the top here, but I highly recommend you head out to your local Anthropologie and see what fab tops your local store has right now.

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Shortcut to Fabulous Fashion Exhibits All Over the World

fashionista fashion exhibit

Today, one of my favorite websites, published a slideshow featuring over 40 fashion exhibits all over the world including several in my two playgrounds, Miami and New York and several in London and Paris that might have me hopping on a British Airways flight and hopping across the pond. You can check out the article here. Happy traveling!!! Oh and of course if you are planning a trip to any of these places, get all the info you need on where to stay, eat, shop and relax right here on Shortcuts to Fabulous. Just type in your destination in the Search tab and find Shortcuts to Fabulous living in your next vacation spot!

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