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Shortcut to Fabulous Manhattan $10 Lunch…Delivered!

photo 2-2

Last Monday, I had a gourmet Italian sandwich, chips, pickle, Sparkling Water, a Hershey’s kiss, handwritten note and a riddle for $10…Delivered. Yup, that’s right. I now have a new Monday ritual: Order from Coppa, the sandwich delivery start-up that delivers a darn good sandwich at an amazing price with a side of sass and a sprinkle of good cheer via the handwritten note. I am often told that I should have a food blog because I talk about food as much as fashion and when someone I know is headed to NYC, I can’t resist spouting off a list of my favorite haunts. I even chose my current office space in part because of the amazing, affordable food selection in the area. So, when I heard about this sandwich delivery service, I felt compelled to try it and write about it.


Let’s talk sandwich first. The most important part of a sandwich is the bread. If the bread falls flat or is too chewy or too hard the whole sandwich is doomed. I just returned from Paris, which is the land of perfect bread, so lately sandwiches have not been meeting the mark for me, but Coppa’s bread was great. It had the perfect consistency with a nice crusty outside and a soft but not gooey inside. The sandwich was slathered neatly with what tasted like a tangy tomato spread and then had fresh high quality cold cuts. You can tell Coppa takes sandwich making seriously. The portion was perfect…just enough to satisfy and not too much so you feel disgusting after.

Coppa Sandwich


The side of chips was a small bag which again was a perfect portion. I am not a pickle fan but as pickles go, these were good and the Hershey’s Kiss was the perfect way to end a perfect meal. What sets Coppa apart from other meal delivery services besides the great food is the clever branding, packaging, the handwritten note that brightened up my day and the riddles that made me feel like I was exercising my brain and had me hopping on Facebook to find the answers. Right now they only deliver on Mondays and have a limited delivery area, but if you are lucky enough to live/work in their lower Manhattan zone, Coppa is worth a try. It looks like they also frequent the Hester Street Fair, so perhaps a Saturday stroll is worth a looksey!

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Shortcut to Fabulous Paris Eating

Salad Nicoise from Le Chalet

I’ve just returned from a fresh trip to Paris during August when many of my favorite restaurants were closed. Many Parisians flee the city during the month of August and as a result many shops and restaurants are shuttered up for the month. I knew this going in, but still found myself disappointed when I called my favorite places to “manger” (French word for eat) and instead of being greeted by grumpy a Parisian “Bonjour,” I either got no answer or an answering machine. This forced me to explore a bit more and find some new haunts, which I am happy to say after a few horrible meals and lackluster shops, I have a new Paris round up to share! First up…the food!

For those who have never been to the city of lights and dream of wandering into a cafe on the Left Bank and having the meal of your life, let me jolt you out of your trance right now and tell you that dining in Paris is either a fabulous experience or simply awful. The culinary scene is one of extremes. I have yet to find an in between “so-so” meal in Paris; they have all either been really great or really, really awful. If you find yourself hungry while sightseeing and do not have a recommendation readily at hand, save yourself some anguish and the cash and stop in a Monoprix or a boulangerie and get the fixings for a picnic and enjoy a lovely meal in a local park.

Here is the list of food heavens I found on this trek to Paris in no particular order:

  • Alcazar- 62 Rue Mazarine  75006 Paris, France. +33 1 53 10 19 99. Metro Stop: Odean. You should make a reservation at this super chic eatery. It is bordering expensive, but not ridiculous like many of the Michelin star restaurants in Paris. Service is efficient and friendly and they do have English menus if you request them. I had cod fish that was cooked to perfection with coconut on a bed of mashed potatoes. It sounds a little strange, but it was delicious.

    Alcazar Dining Room

  • Le Chalet du 16theme 63 Rue de la Pompe 75016 Paris, France. Metro Stop: Rue de la Pompe. This is the perfect stop after some serious shopping at Reciprocique, the designer resale shop that is a complete heaven and takes up an entire city block. It is located just down the street and has really fresh salads. I ordered the Nicoise Salad and was greeted with the lovely plate photographed below. Waiters don’t speak English, so be prepared to dust off your French. The restaurant has a very authentic feel and is frequented by the fancy set that lives in the 16th Arrondissement.

    Salad Nicoise from Le Chalet

  • Mariage Freres- 30 rue du Bourg-Tibourg, Paris 75004. Metro Stop: Hotel De Ville. This tea salon has a shop in the front and very elegant tea salon in the back topped off with a tea museum upstairs. It is pricey, but a legendary place with absolutely wonderful teas and desserts. They have a strawberry creme brûlée that made me fall in love with Paris all over again. There are multiple locations throughout Paris, but my favorite is the one in the Marais.

    Strawberry Creme Brûlée at Mariage Frères

  • Mon Thai- 84 Rue Montorgueil, Paris 75002. Metro Stop: Artes de Metiers. After days of rich French food it is nice to take a break and Mon Thai is a delicious place to take it! The food is fresh, tasty and best of all not expensive.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on shopping, both for food and fashion.



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Shortcut to Fabulous Lipcolor


I fell in love last week…with a lipstick. I adopted her and brought her home only to turn bright red when my gay boyfriend mistook the lipstick for a vibrator. I was completely embarrassed and quickly rushed to my desk to prove to him that it was a modern take on an old beauty classic…lipstick my friends…lipstick. So, deceptive packaging aside i love this lipstick because the pigment and colors are on-point, it seems to stay put, the applicator is great and reduces waste. You can purchase your own lipstick disguised as a sex toy at Sephora for $35.

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Shortcut to Fabulous New Year’s Collection

I am counting down the days to 2013 for many reasons. I have been rather quiet on my blog lately, mainly because I have been so busy growing my business. I am proud to announce I have expanded my New York operations to include Showroom space. I have big plans for 2013 and after months of working round the clock to lay the foundation, I will be more active on the blog I hope. But enough about that and let me get to the reason you should be looking forward to 2013…Jason Wu’s more affordable line sold exclusively at Nordstrom starting January 7, 2013. I love the pieces below, especially the cashmere sweater with the peekaboo inlay. It is still a bit pricey at $325, but for cashmere from an iconic designer, it is definitely worth it. All I have to say is I Wuv Wu!

Miss Wu Collection prices range from $200-$500

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Shortcut to Fabulous $32 boots

old nacy shoes

I discovered a new vintage store in Miami today that opened three weeks ago, The Vintage Revenge (more on that in a coming Miami Monday) and spent my winter boot money on the most gorgeous vintage cashmere sweater, bracelet and blouse. Okay, okay…fine…you got me….I spent my winter boot money for the next three years on the most gorgeous vintage cashmere sweater, earrings, bracelet, blouse, dress and a handbag for good measure. But I need cute booties STAT…so now what? Well, I found these really cute gray Oxford booties on Old Navy on sale for $32.50. They come in gray and black and fit my pea sized confessions of a shopaholic budget. Score! Click on the pic to check them out.


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Shortcut to Fabulous Christmas Gift for the Dapper Dude in your Life


Buying gifts for guys is always so hard…especially the men in my life. So strange to grow up in a fashion family (yup…my Dad owns a clothing company) and have male family members with no fashion sense. My brother is semi-hopeless and my husband has the exact same pattern and color shirt made by fancy brand imaginable. Imagine a closet full of $300 blue checked shirts…it is really kind of creepy.


This year I am going to force a little fashion on them and get them a gift card for a Skinny Fattie tie make-over. For $30 you get this cute gift card that allows you to send in a fat tie and have it converted to a skinny one. This could be a great two-part gift. You could get the gift card and go to a Thrift store and get a fat tie or even shop in your father, brother or significant other’s closet for a fat tie. I just love this concept…plus they are tailored in Brooklyn which ups the cool factor even more! Click on the photos to check them out….






**Disclaimer. I have worked with Skinny Fatties, but I have not been compensated for this post and I really LOVE the ties.

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Miami Monday…Shortcut to Fabulous Basel event

fashion photo stock

Who really wants to go look at a bunch of art this week? Really, who really, truly wants to look? Not me. I know that makes me sound shallow and not creative, but if it ain’t in a museum in Europe or an exhibition at the MET or the Guggenheim in New York, I probably don’t care. With that being said, Basel brings a great vibe to the city and if you can get past the parking nightmare and the traffic to the beach (may I recommend getting girlfriends together and hiring a driver!), there is some really fun stuff to do. My pick for the week…well my event of course. A sample sale this Friday at the fab Whitelaw Hotel on South Beach, Fashion 1st Fridays. What do you get? Well no art my friends…at least not in the traditional sense, but to me fashion is art and fashion at a discount is art at its finest!


If Art is what you are looking for, may I recommend this event on the pool deck of the Marquis downtown. I like this one cause you avoid the beach and design district traffic, but still get to feel like you are living in an episode of Gallery Girls…Bravo style with bling and a pool deck at the Marquis Residences….one of Miami’s chicest places to call home.


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