Miami Monday…Shortcut to Fabulous Basel event

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Who really wants to go look at a bunch of art this week? Really, who really, truly wants to look? Not me. I know that makes me sound shallow and not creative, but if it ain’t in a museum in Europe or an exhibition at the MET or the Guggenheim in New York, I probably don’t care. With that being said, Basel brings a great vibe to the city and if you can get past the parking nightmare and the traffic to the beach (may I recommend getting girlfriends together and hiring a driver!), there is some really fun stuff to do. My pick for the week…well my event of course. A sample sale this Friday at the fab Whitelaw Hotel on South Beach, Fashion 1st Fridays. What do you get? Well no art my friends…at least not in the traditional sense, but to me fashion is art and fashion at a discount is art at its finest!


If Art is what you are looking for, may I recommend this event on the pool deck of the Marquis downtown. I like this one cause you avoid the beach and design district traffic, but still get to feel like you are living in an episode of Gallery Girls…Bravo style with bling and a pool deck at the Marquis Residences….one of Miami’s chicest places to call home.


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