Miami Monday…Shortcut to Fabulous Fitness


Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely allergic to exercise. I hate sweating…it is just so not market! I keep myself from blowing up by doing Pilates several times a week. I am finally going to let you in on Miami’s best kept secret…IM=X Pilates in Coral Gables. I hate to give away this secret for fear my beloved classes will get booked faster, but a girl’s gotta’ give her Shortcuts to Fabulous and this is definitely one of them. I have been going there for about four years now and it is the one place where I can stop the wheels in my head from turning for 50 minutes. Classes are pretty affordable (around $20 a class if you buy a package) and you get personalized attention because there are only 8 reformer machines. All of the instructors are great. I like to mix up the classes to get different instructors because they all work different parts. You get a complete full body workout, but my midsection, lower- back and legs have been completely transformed from my workouts at IM=X. The studio is located on Ponce in the Gables right above Chic Parisian. There is free street parking a block away on Ponce toward Bird Road and the studio has all of the equipment you need for the workout. Oh and the best part…they make you clean the machines afterward so you know you are not sharing icky sweat with someone else! Click here to visit the studio website and schedule a free session today.

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