Miami Monday…Shortcut to Fabulous Hair for the Holidays and Beyond….

Mail AttachmentA blow dry for $35 in Miami? One that is actually good? Yes, it really does exist at Blo in Mary Brickell Village. Blo has been open for about 2 months now and I have been your little guinea pig testing out a few different styles to see if Blo is worth the hype. The space is gorgeous, super clean and makes you feel like a total “It Girl.” The staff and stylists are friendly, but have a very “New York, let’s get the job done” kind of work ethic that is so hard to find here in Miami.

I love the fact that every time I have been they have given me a great blow dry and cut out the chitter-chatter amongst themselves that drives me bonkers. You know what I am talking about…the two stylists in the station next to each other, holding their blowdryers and brushes mid-air or mid-hair, chatting while you sit there fumbling wondering when they are going to stop talking about where they buy their groceries….grrr!Well, I have yet to experience that here and I have to say I LOVE it!

Now onto the hair, they have a fab hair menu with different styles to choose from. Click here to check it out….and yes all of these styles are $35! I have gotten several styles including the Hunt Club and the Holly Would pictured here and each time I have left the bar happy. So ladies, this is your new shortcut to fabulous hair. After being spoiled in New York with Blow Dry bars, Miami has finally arrived, and I for one am super thankful! Don’t forget to follow the Brickell location on twitter @HairF0rce0nehollywould

Blo Brickell
900 S. Miami Avenue, Unit 129
Miami, FL 33130
To book a blo or just chat call 305.374.BLO5 (2565)



7am-9am; 6pm-7pm (by appointment only)
9am-6pm (walk-ins and appointments accepted*)


7am-9am; 6pm-9pm (by appointment only)
9am-6pm (walk-ins and appointments accepted*)


7am-9am; 6pm-7pm (by appointment only)
9am-6pm (walk-ins and appointments accepted*)


11am-5pm (walk-ins and appointments accepted*)

*upon availability

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