Miami Monday…Shortcut to Fabulous Sports fan Fun!

sony erricsonThis is the last week of the Sony Ericsson Open on Key Biscayne. The beautiful tennis complex on Key Biscayne is like a theme park for tennis fans. There is great food, Starbucks coffee, alcohol and plenty of tennis. Night matches are the best to attend because  of the cool night air and the atmosphere of the stadium is at its best! There are still some 400 level and 300 tickets available for night matches and some of the best tennis players are still alive in the tournament. There is not a bad seat in the house, so 400 level tickets are are fine and the jumbo screens give you any close up shots or celebrity sitings you need to see. 400 Level tickets this week start at $25 and go up as the week goes on, but quarter and semi-final tickets are only $40.

So, click here for tickets and instead of happy hour this week, head out to Key Biscayne for some night tennis action and enjoy this shortcut to cool nights with mens and women’s tennis greats!

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