Miami Monday…Shortcut to Fabulous Way to Find your Way

So when Ginger Harris ¬†who is the editor of Daily Candy and also happens to be a great friend of mine told me about her newest concept, the Meet Packing District, where ladies get together and network, brainstorm and collectively make each other’s dreams come true, I instantly fell in LOVE . I love her idea, her concept and of course her. Ginger can help you take your idea to the next level or make your dream come to fruition. She knows how this town works and knows everyone in it. This really will be a life changing experience for any of you who join Ginger this Saturday. Sadly, I will be in New York, but trust me I will be at the next Meet Packing event!!! If you want to meet other great ladies out to change the world, make some millions or just find a career that makes their heart sour, then join Ginger for her first Meet Packing District event this Saturday….deets below…


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