Miami Monday…Shortcut to Fabulous Way to Meet Mr. Right

Okay, well maybe you aren’t guaranteed to meet Mr. Right, but speed dating is a great way to potential meet Mr. Right and only have to spend five minutes with Mr. Wrong. I have actually lamented the fact that I got married before I got the chance to try speed dating. When I get in a fight with the hubs sometimes I  say, “if I we weren’t married i would be a best selling author” He looks at me with a quizzical look and then I explain, “Well if we weren’t married I would still be dating freaks and I probably would have tried speed dating which you know is the basis for a great storyline for a book.” Yup…I am that kind of girl…a little bundle of neurotic cray cray.


A few weeks ago in the interest of art, writing and helping a friend out, I got to “go undercover” and try speed dating. It was a blast! Obviously, I felt no pressure becasue i knew no one would be my match since my match was waiting for me a few blocks away at a party, but I really think with the right attitude this is the perfect way to meet someone. There were at least three good looking, professional men that I would set up with my closest girlfriends and two men that made great stories that are still getting me laughs.


Saturday, June 2, 2012 you can get your chance to meet Mr. Right or at least get some stories for your “dating anecdote” bank with Heart Tango. The key to having fun is smiling and remember there is no pressure…it is only five minutes and if your don’t meet Mr. Perfect, you could meet Mr. Friend or Mr. Funny Story or Mr. Makes me Glad I’m still single. Here is the scoop:

Get ready for what promises to be Miami’s most happening DATING experience. Meet up to 20 single professionals all in one night. Go on MANY dates, enjoy fine wine, and possibly meet your match.


Heart Tango caters to professional singles in some of the most unique settings in the city. In order to create the atmosphere we want, our signature speed dating events are hosted in some of the most elegant and sophisticated upscale restaurants and lounges in your city. We have been widely recognized for providing a rich, earth-toned atmosphere perfect for any dating experience. All of our events are specifically designed to reflect your image and refined taste and are brought to you by our network of talented hosts. Come experience the Heart Tango passion and find your match at one of our events.



Enter promo code HEART2TANGO and SAVE 15% when you register online.

Age group for June 2nd Event: 35-45


Oh and by the way, I was not paid to write this, I am friends with the owner, I am thankful he let me “go undercover” for a story and I really did become a believer in the concept, so I am writing about it :)

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