Shortcut to Fabulous $20 tops

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Anthropologie is having a great summer sale right now. I scored some really great summer tops for $20 each this week. My favorite is the lavender and white striped top with a cut-out back. What I love about the top is that the back hangs lower which is great for days when you want to wear white pants and comfy undergarments….you ladies know what I am talking about…some days you just feel like not having to worry about VPL. I also love that the cut-outs are placed in a strategic spot that covers my back fat and allows me to wear a normal bra. This is the perfect cut-out top for large chested gals who feel like they have to sit on the sidelines for the back cut-out trend because of they need the support of a traditional bra. You check check out the top here, but I highly recommend you head out to your local Anthropologie and see what fab tops your local store has right now.

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