Shortcut to Fabulous Anna Karenina Inspired Fashion

Anna Karenina Inspired Velvet Blazer

This weekend I got a sneak peek viewing of the latest adaptation of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. The movie was interesting, but I am not a fan of films without a super sappy happy ending. However, this is a must see movie…why you ask? THE CLOTHES. Kiera Knightly’s cloths and jewels were ┬ánothing short of amazing. If the costume designer from this film does not win an Oscar, she will be robbed. After the film, I felt compelled to find my own Anna Karenina inspired fashions and discovered Banana Republic has a whole collection inspired by the movie. Check it out here. Here are my fave Anna Kareninaesque looks at affordable prices:

Anna Karenina Inspired Earrings $90 at

Anna Karenina Inspired Headband $23 on

Anna Karenina Inspired Faux Fur Boot Topper $20.30 on

Anna Karenina Inspired Burgundy Velvet Blazer $56 at


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