Shortcut to Fabulous Artwork…Any style, any price

2285_4hoa979gkaue98i3fjqlmpoln5_iw77qhEYuK7XCUPp_1_350x500Zatista is a website that sells original arwork in every style and for every budget. Each and every work of art on Zatista is 100% unique, 100% original. Just like you, there is only one. Choose different. Choose the original. Because Zatista represents hundreds of artists from all over the world, we are able to charge commission rates to our artists that are far below that of traditional galleries (30-40% lower). The result is that you get art directly from the artist at prices that are never inflated with heavy commissions. You get quality, original art at affordable prices – direct from the artist. You can search by type (painting, photograph, mixed media, drawing), medium, style, color and price! The eggplant print shown here is only $70! Do you have a wall that you have ben trying to find some artwork for but never find the right piece for the right price…well then check out Zatista!

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