Shortcut to Fabulous Cheap Thrills

I have a tradition every holiday of giving my in-laws stockings full of fun goodies and new products. I have the best time introducing everyone to fun new products or some of my old faves. It is a great inexpensive way to spread some holiday cheer. This year I plan to do something something similar for my business. I am going to send key business contacts a holiday “stocking” stuffed with my favorite It products. Here are some of the products I will be including for the Fashionista Stocking:

lash card1. Lash Cards- No joke, no exaggeration, Lash Cards changed my make-up life. I discovered them not too long ago at an event I attended. Before Lash Cards came into my life, I NEVER wore mascara. It just seemed like too much of a pain and always clumped and smudged. Now with lash cards, I can have fab lashes in about 20 seconds. You take one of the cards out and hold it on your eyelid, then apply the mascara. Not only does it prevent clumping, but it curls your lashes and makes the mascara have more impact. They are only $4.99 for a pack of ten and you can get them by clicking here.

2. Belt Loopy Belt Hole Punch- How many times have you needed another hole in your favorite belt? I have been so desperate while creating an outfit that I have pulled out a kitchen knife to make a hole…so not cute. Belt Loopy is a fab company that creates loopies to secure your belts and they also have a fab belt hole punch in the line for less than $12. Every fashionista should have a “kit” that includes products you can use to put an outfit together in a pinch…a belt hole punch should definitely be in the kit!¬†You can get one by clicking here.

3. Little i Breath Mint Tin- Little i makes a fab sugar-free breath mints packaged in a patented tin that slides open to reveal a handy little mirror-perfect for lip gloss, teeth and makeup checks. Pop a sugar-free mint and sneak a peek without anyone suspecting. In seconds flat, you’re home free with fresh breath and a sexy smile…for under $3. You can get one by clicking here. cute_open_R_low_res

4. Popchips- I have a little obsession with these salty treats. They keep coming out with fab new flavors so I never get tired of them. I am always shocked when I meet someone who has never heard of popchips because their snack sized bags are a part of my life and I credit popchips with keeping me slim and trim despite my no-workout ways. You can get them at gourmet food stores and grocers as well as Walgreens! These really would make a fab stocking stuffer because you would be introducing loved ones to a healthy chip that tastes like an unhealthy chip! POPCHIPS_BAG_JALAPENO_v12.0001

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