Shortcut to Fabulous Chic Beach Towels

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Now that summer is officially here and 4th of July is just days away, it is time to make sure your beach gear is as cute as you are! I am not a beach person…my skin is sensitive and truth-be-told, I would rather be pasty white than have wrinkles, but I do head to the beach a few times a year, and when I go a good beach towel that distracts from my cellulite is kind of a necessity. Here are the towels on my summer crush list:


This Reserved towel is perfect for beaches with beach chairs or better yet cruises! $27.17

As a blogger, I am obliged to include this the $9.99 price tag makes it a no-brainer

Towel and vintage fashion art all in one....$49 from Zappos

I might be a Madame these days, but don't mind if I do partake in this presh Mademoiselle towel

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