Shortcut to Fabulous Christmas Gift for the Dapper Dude in your Life


Buying gifts for guys is always so hard…especially the men in my life. So strange to grow up in a fashion family (yup…my Dad owns a clothing company) and have male family members with no fashion sense. My brother is semi-hopeless and my husband has the exact same pattern and color shirt made by fancy brand imaginable. Imagine a closet full of $300 blue checked shirts…it is really kind of creepy.


This year I am going to force a little fashion on them and get them a gift card for a Skinny Fattie tie make-over. For $30 you get this cute gift card that allows you to send in a fat tie and have it converted to a skinny one. This could be a great two-part gift. You could get the gift card and go to a Thrift store and get a fat tie or even shop in your father, brother or significant other’s closet for a fat tie. I just love this concept…plus they are tailored in Brooklyn which ups the cool factor even more! Click on the photos to check them out….






**Disclaimer. I have worked with Skinny Fatties, but I have not been compensated for this post and I really LOVE the ties.

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