Shortcut to Fabulous Christmas Sales and Savings

saving moneyIn preparation for Black Friday, which is only a week and a half away, and the start of the holiday shopping season, this website Wednesday we are giving you a list of websites to track sales and save you money.

Who: People and Companies who want to bring you money saving information.

What: A whole slew of websites devotes to finding you deals and saving you money.

When: Most are updated daily, some multiple times per day.

Where: (Shameless plug…maybe, but we update our online discount codes and savings section throughout the day and deliver one stop shopping for online discount codes and deals to your favorite fabulous stores) (Updates whenever a new great deal pops up on everything from magazine subscriptions to kids toys) (This website gives you a peak at some of the hottest stores’ black Friday ads, so you can plan ahead…think Target, Best Buy and more!!!!) (Another website devoted to early released Black Friday ads, with purchasing guides for big ticket items like tvs) (An online store that sells one item in limited quantities super cheap…check out the faq page to see how it works and sing up for their RSS feed…oh and a little birdies told us they will be having periodic “woot-offs” wherein they will continue to replace sold out items for a 24 hour period. Think flat screen tv’s, other electronics, computers, kitchen items, etc).

Why: Every fabulous girl needs some shortcuts to savings and deals this Christmas season.

So pull out your Christmas list, check it twice, bookmark these websites and enjoy these shortcuts to fabulous Christmas sales and savings!

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