Shortcut to Fabulous Earbuds that stay put in your ears!

instantHave you ever been trying to do the right thing and exercise. You get decked out in your gym clothes, you put a cool workout mix in your ipod and you set off jogging only to find that the earbuds keep falling out of your ears. What if you could get custom earbuds that are guaranteed not fall out for under $30? Well, you can!!! Yourbuds sells a custom earbud for $29.99. All you have to do is click here, order the earbuds and then follow the instructions to take a photo of your ear either with a quarter placed next to it or an ipod earbud in your ear. Then, they will send you a set of earbuds customized to your ears that are guaranteed not to fall out. Check out the video they have of people moving like crazy and wearing custom earbuds!

So, try this on for size and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous earbuds that stay put when you are on the go!

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