Shortcut to Fabulous Easter Basket Ideas


I have a confession to make…I am 31 and I still insist on receiving an Easter basket. Yes, I know that this makes me ridiculous, but at least I own it. I wont bore you the details of the hissy fit I threw the first year of marriage when the hubs didn’t know that a 26 year old grown women with two degrees, a job and seemingly normal mental health needs to get an Easter basket, but needless to say I send him a reminder email every year to ensure a Happy Easter :)

Whether you are purchasing items for a child, teen or a 31 year old woman perched on her pastel pink cloud, here are a few Easter basket ideas:






  • Essie Spring Color polish. How cute are these? And they come in mini sizes. I have been getting nail polish in my Easter Basket since I was about 9 and to this day it is such a treat! Make-up and lip glosses also make great basket stuffers.
  • Toy cars. I think toy cars make such a fab Easter basket stuffer and they don’t give the kiddos cavities.
  • Sunglasses. I think Kohls has such a fun selection of sunnies for kids and adults alike. I am frequently sporting LC by Lauren Conrad sunnies along with my designer bag and fancy shoes. They are on sale right now for $14.99 and no one will know you aren’t wearing designer.
  • Itunes gift card. Who doesn’t have an ipod? Who doesn’t like music? This one has universal appeal and you can pick these puppies up at your local drugstore.
  • Magazines. This is the perfect last minute Easter basket item. While you are picking up that itunes gift card, you can swing by the magazine rack and pick up a trashy gossip rag for you and something appropriate for your Easter basket recipient.

Happy Easter everyone!!

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