Shortcut to Fabulous Fair Trade Shea

S166 - Shea & Green Tea Revitalizing Body LotionDid you know that Shea butter is a product that can lift and empower women in Arica?! However, most shea butter on the market in the United States and Europe is not fairly traded. Without fair trade, the women who gather shea nuts and hand craft this remarkable oil receive only a tiny fraction of the final price. One company is make sure the women who produce this product get their fair share of the profit for their hard work and labor. This company happens to produce one of my favorite products ever, Shea & Green Tea Revitalizing Lotion. It has certified Fair Trade unrefined shea butter, green tea and arnica and West African neem. You probably know how great shea butter is for locking in moisture, but the green tea and arnica helps make your skin fabulous. You can purchase the lotion at their website by clicking here. To find a store near you that sells the product, click here. I get mine a my local Whole Foods.

Fun Fact from the Allaffia Website: It is estimated to take 20 to 30 hours of labor to produce one kilogram of handcrafted shea butter, which is traded at $1 or less in today’s market. A woman making shea butter in West Africa will receive only a fraction of this price. Therefore, a person working for 30 hours, almost a week’s worth of work, will not receive even a dollar for her efforts. Even if she received the whole dollar, this does not even begin to reach living wage standards.

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