Shortcut to Fabulous Fall Fashion preview…the @NeimanMarcus book is out!

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My mailbox had a special surprise today…Neiman Marcus’s “THE BOOK” which is published every pre-season providing a completely on-point beautifully editorialized run down of the trends. This year’s fall September issue is gorgeous and full of items for my Fall wish list including some Chanel bags that made me drool. I usually save to splurge on a few items at Neimans each season and then use “The Book” for inspiration to create a nice outfit with highs and lows. I saw this piece on Brooches and thought this would be a great trend to mimic with inexpensive vintage peices found at flea markets, estate sales and Ebay. I love the idea of clustering brooches for added drama. I have a few fab brooches that will be used this Fall to mimic this trend on a budget. If you are broochless, check out my post on estate sales here and happy hunting.

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