Shortcut to Fabulous Fashion advice and Anthropologie mania!

anthroholicWho: Her name is Kim and she is one of the most amazing, dedicated and fashionable bloggers I have ever encountered.

What: Aptly named Anthroholic, this blog gives lovers of the store, Athropologie, everything they need to know about the clothes including weekly markdowns, new items, fitting room reviews (with photos) and styling tips. Plus, Kim provides readers with a daily photograph of her outfit, which never disappoints and provides much needed inspiration on those “what am I going to wear” days.

When: Every day…I told you this girl is D-E-D-I-C-A-T-E-D! The blog is updated daily Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekends as well. Give it one week and you will be truly addicted.

Where: Click here my dear!

Why: Because, what women doesn’t need a stylist and Kim can be your own personal Rachel Zoe. And her services are much more affordable….they are free! When we asked Kim why she started the blog, she said, “[b]ecause I’m obsessed and in love with Anthropologie.  It’s the one store I walk into all the time and it never, ever disappoints me.” And guess what?! Kim’s blog never disappoints us! Just check out her website daily, or better yet subscribe to her RSS feed.

So, add Anthropologie gift cards to your Christmas list, subscribe to Kim’s RSS feed and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous fashion inspiration! Oh and become our fan on Facebook and be the first to know about other great websites and contests we have to win cool prizes….including Anthropologie gift cards from time to time!)

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