Shortcut to Fabulous Fashion Documentary

51nhL9H-OhL._SL500_SS100_This weekend, I had the opportunity to watch “The September Issue.” It is a documentary that chronicles the making of the magazine’s landmark issue in September 2007. The September 2007 issue was a five-pound (2 kg) 840-page issue, the largest issue Vogue ever sent to press.The documentary gives a fabulous insider’s look into the making of a fashion magazine issue and the lives of Anna Wintour, senior fashion editor, Grace Coddington and other fun characters. You get a glimpse of the glamorous life that Wintour leads including a peek inside her home. It was fascinating to see what really goes into making a magazine.

This is a great documentary to watch on a gloomy snow and rain filled day! You can download it from Amazon Video on Demand by clicking here.

I give this film three and a half fabs out of five for its insiders look and interesting content that leaves you wanting more and wishing you could see more behind the scenes making of a magazine with other staffers who are lower on the totem pole making an appearance.

So, download this movie, pop some popcorn and enjoy this shortcut to a fabulous fashion film!

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