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I am coming “clean” about the fact that I am a gal who doesn’t always wash her face in the p.m. I have lots of fabulous facial cleansers, but for some reason Shahs of Sunset and Jerseylicious seem like such a better idea than washing off the day’s make-up. Somewhere between a discussion of leopard print and Persian pool parties, I fall asleep on the couch like a total geriatric with a full face of make-up!

A month ago I read some article that indicated that not washing off your make-up ages you. I went into full panic mode, drove to Target and purchased $80 worth of cleansing wipes. I got an assortment of brands and I figured over the next few months that I would see what worked for me. Well, after months of playing “product test lab for lazy women,” I have chosen my favorite cleansing wipes…Neutrogena Pink Grapfruit Cleansing Wipes. The smell grows on you, it cleans all the make-up off with the least amount of effort (yes, I am that lazy) and it helps curb the pubescent acne problems I have developed in the last few years. I now keep the cleansing wipes on my coffee table and I am happy to report that several nights of the week, I actually use them! Here’s hoping that my new found practical solution saves me a little money on the back-end on botox and fillers! Click here
to purchase from Amazon (25 wipes for 6.97).

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