Shortcut to Fabulous faves from the New York Gift Show


I spent a few hours at the New York Gift Show this week (totally not enough time for this GINORMOUS TRADE SHOW). Here is a round-up of my faves in no particular order…

Hexagonal Necklace from Brevity Jewelry ($30) – Met the designer and she is presh. Totally in LOVE with this necklace.


Plat du Jour Paper Placemats- The designs were fresh, modern and adorable and the designer duo behind these fun and practical placements were adorable. Before you worry about the killing of trees for placemat kitsch, they are made from recycled material. Their website is under construction, but I will try and get my hands on a photo and post on it.

Love Nature NYC Trascentdence Candles ($38)- The freakin coolest candles made in NYC which ups their cool factor in my book by about 200%. Met the owner, Jared, who is totally awesome and told me this new line is soy which is sooo much better than dangerous chemical filled candles and the jars are made from recycled glass and each one comes in an adorable box made from recycled material printed using eco-freindly veggie based ink. Totally want to stock my gift closet with these candles for host gifts.

100% Gumdrop Flip Flop necklaces  ($50)- These flip flop necklaces are cute and sassy at the same time and are the perfect fall accessory. Basically the necklaces have sayings on each end, so where the clasp would be in the back is a whole other necklace that you can change depending on your mood…perfect for those schizo PMSing days! They are available combinations are : Yes/No; Why/Because; Angel/Devil;  I Love You/Go Away (my have); Hello/Goodbye; Sweetie/Trouble. They are 14K gold dipped and made right here in the good ol’ USA.

Sallyeander Soaps No-Bite Me all natural bug repellent and after bite cream ($12.95). I know this one seems kind of out of place, but as a girl who always gets eaten alive by mosquitos, I was thrilled to find this all natural repellent that is even safe for babies. It comes in a creme form and soap ($4.95) which is great for you outdoorsy types that like nature. It smells pleasant and again is all natural so you won’t grow a third arm after using it. Comes from a family owned company and I met the owner’s son, Sam who by the way is the little boy on the no-bite-me jar (just more grown up and not wearing overalls…at least not at the show).

New Hope Soap ($17)- There is something about soap that just makes me swoon and when you can personalize soap with your monogram or custom message, I get even more excited. Plus, I love the fact that this company is again, family run (can you tell I love small businesses?) by a father/daughter team and all the soaps are made in the USA. How cute is that?!!! You can even get sets with disposable guest towels included. I am just coming up with a clever message to put on my soap…maybe I can write embed all my household soap with not-so-subliminal messages for the hubs (take out the trash, clean up your mess, buy wife nice gifts too bad there is a character limit….or maybe I can make curse word soaps).


 Flote Trilogy Bag ($160)- Every once in a while you come across a product that could change a part of your life. This could be the product for me. The owner and creator, Jill, just came out with this fab new bag, the trilogy, pictured here in my have color, Oak. The bag looks like an ordinary cross body, but it is soooo not ordinary. It comes with three separate compartments, or sections. Each section is detachable and the largest fits and iPad…Say hello to my new travel companion. With this and my Chick on the Go Wardrobe kit, I can practically travel to Europe with a tote bag and this purse! If you travel and you don’t buy this bag, you are crazy.


Daphne Lorna Silk Wrap Bracelet with Antique Hammered Brass Piece ($48)- This Montana based designer really has something special. These bracelets feel like something you would in the mountains of Thailand, but then you find out they are designed and made right in America’s heartland by super sweet sister team, Cindy McCoy and Daphne Evans, and you want them even more. These folks are the real McCoy. I love the orange color pictured here but they come in 15 different colors and she has other styles as well including silk wraps with no embellishment…basically the next time you get annoyed with work and need a mental vacation, check out this website and give yourself a retail therapy session.

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