Shortcut to Fabulous Feet

Chloe_Licorice_none_MERCH_SuggestThe reception area of one of my favorite local spas has a ton of fabulous products for sale. The owner of the spa is a genius and sells gift items, jewelry, even cards. It was at this spa that I discovered the best shoe I have ever owned. In fact, I love the shoe so much, I purchased several pairs for my mom and a few more for myself as well. What makes the perfect shoe you ask? Well, first of all this is not a shoe, it is actually a flip flop. However, this company sells shoes as well. What makes this flip flop so perfect? It is made of a rubber material that makes it super durable and best of all, waterproof. You can even put the shoes in the dishwasher to clean them! How fabulous is that!? They are the perfect shoe for going to the beach or engaging in some type of water activity. They are perfect to wear around the house, wear to yoga or pilates class or walk around town. I wear them to the nail salon and the rubbery material keeps my pedicure perfect even if I need to dash out of the salon. They come in 24 fabulous colors including a silver and bronze. They are only $25, which may seem steep for flip flops, but trust me they are so worth it! Wanna know the thing about this shoes that really makes them the best ever? They have little massage beads based on reflexology principles so you get a massage with every step you take. You can purchase these perfect shoes called OkaB’s by clicking here. Look for the Chloe if you want the flip flop, but these shoes come in other great styles as well.

So pamper yourself and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous, fancy feet!

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