Shortcut to Fabulous Figure Friendly Sweet Treats


I am a cupcake and all-things-sweet addict. There. I said it. They say admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery, but since there are no cupcakes anonymous meetinsg in my city, I think I will be falling off the wagon in about 45 minutes (I have a meeting in Starbucks and they have those fun cake pops there…yes I plan my sweet fixes). Unfortunately, the more stressed I get, the more cupcakes and sweet treats I need and now I can’t even begin to zip up my skinny jeans…right before bikini season…ahhhhh!!!! So, I am have been on a search for some sweet treats that will satisfy my cravings, but reduce my sizable bum. I have three favorites and here they are in no particular order:

1. Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp. Delicate wafers layered with delicious chocolate crème and covered in a milk chocolatey coating. These things are freakin’ fabulous. I love ‘em and buy them by the box. You can find them in the candy aisle in the grocery store. Each bar weighs in at 110 calories. I don’t need a regular chocolate bar when I have these…this is the closest thing I’ve come to kicking my Kit Kat-a-day habit.

2. Diana’s Baby Bananas in dark chocolate. These frozen mini bananas are dipped in dark chocolate and placed on a stick making the most decadent frozen treat.Who doesn’t love eating something on a stick (I just got a craving for a corndog and it is only 7 in the morning…eeek..I have a problem..but I digress). Weighing in at 130 calories, this wont break the calorie bank. Plus, you are getting a serving of fruits and veggies out of the banana! Click here to see what stores in your area carry Diana’s Bananas.


3. Dark Chocolate Pomegranate VitaBrownies. I know the name sounds a little crazy, but they are delish. VitaBrownies have real cocoa, pomegranate, whole wheat & organic sugar. Natural Brownies are 100 calories, low fat with 6g fiber.The fiber is what really makes these things special because they fake out the weight watcher points system!! Click here to get them.


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