Shortcut to Fabulous Five Minute DIY Placecard and Favor in One

chalkboard labels

With Summer wrapping up, it is time to squeeze in some last-minute entertaining before the Fall frenzy begins. It is alway nice to send guests home with a little party favor, but these days favors can be uber pricey, and who has time to create a DIY favor from scratch? Behold a semi DIY favor idea that is cheap, easy and versatile. Etsy sells these fabulous chalkboard labels. You get 12 for $8 (67 cents a label). You can find old mason jars or buy new ones from a place like Kitchen Krafts for about $1.50 a piece (for jar and lid). All you have to do is fill the jars with your favorite candy or try something cute and more voluminous like teddy grahams. Stick the chalkboard label on the jar and you can write each guests name on the jars. Now you have a placeholder and a personalized party favor!

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