Shortcut to Fabulous Five Minute Salsa


With Fall and Football season here, having a fresh and uber flavorful salsa to serve guests is a must in every fabulous girl’s arsenal. This salsa can be whipped up in five minutes and will make you feel like you are dining on the Mexican Riviera! I recommend serving this salsa with blue corn tortilla chips or you can whip up some quesadillas with torn pieces of rotisserie chicken, cream cheese spread on one side of the tortilla, Mexican blend shredded cheese and sliced red onions sandwiched between two tortillas and baked in 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes.

The key to this recipe is the use of a food processor or an electric food chopper, which can be purchased for under $15 at a drug store or big box superstore like Target, or here for under $10. Every fabulous girl must own one of these little choppers. They change your culinary life!

Ingredients- The beauty of this recipe is that measurements do not need to be exact, so eyeball it and have fun

1 Tablespoon minced garlic

5 plum tomatoes quartered

½ teaspoon of salt

Lemon juice from 1/4 lemon

½ small yellow onion chopped

¼ to ½ jalapeno (to reduce heat remove some of the seeds) sliced

1/4 cup of cilantro (one small handful, stems and all)

Cut onion into wedges and place in chopper with jalapeno and cilantro. Pulse in chopper for about thirty seconds. Add garlic and tomato and pulse in chopper for another thirty seconds. Add salt, lemon juice to chopper and pulse until you have desired consistency. I like mine a little chunky.

So, get your chip and dip bowl out, plug in your chopper and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous five-minute salsa!

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