Shortcut to Fabulous Free Flights to Europe…no joke…awesome credit card offer!!

vacaRight now there is an amazing promotion for the British Airways Signature Visa Card from Chase. If you apply for the card and you are approved, you will get 50,000 miles credited to your British Airways Mileage account (if you don’t have one they will create one for you when you apply for the card). If you spend $2,500 or more in the first three months of having the card you get another 50,000 miles. 50,000 miles is enough for one roundtrip transatlantic flight to the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland. So if you sign up for the card, you get one free flight to Europe. If you sign up and put all of your expenditures for the next few months on the card and it totals $2500 in three months, you get another free trip! Or you can use the 100K miles for one roundtrip first class fare. Now British Airways is notorious for charging ridiculous fees for reward travel, but you can use the miles for their partner airlines including American Airlines and Cathay Pacific both of whom have much more reasonable charges for reward travel. For tips on British Airways reward travel, check out this great blog post on the subject by clicking here. Click here to learn more about the deal and apply for the card.

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