Shortcut to Fabulous Fun Blazer


Oh how I love me a good blazer. I am such a huge fan of blazers because they instantly make any outfit look polished and put together. You can wear a blazer at any age no matter what your size and it will look great on you!  They are the perfect layering piece and great for people like me who wear sweaters in 80 degree weather. Blazers are a celeb favorite and there is a definite reason for it! Next time you are reading a trashy celeb-gossip magazine count how  many celeb looks include a blazer or jacket. Single breasted blazers actually can have a thinning effect if they fit you properly. Urban Outfitters has these fab boyfriend blazers that come in a wide array of colors including orange, green and cream and they are under $100. I love the pink one photographed here. Click here to check it out.

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