Shortcut to Fabulous Gift for the Cooks in your Life

knives This knife set is super affordable at $44.98 and comes with 6″ ceramic chef’s knife, 4.8″ ceramic slicing knife and a 3.2″ ceramic paring knife. They keep the prices low by cutting out the middle man and ceramic knives are fab because they hold up to kitchen abuse well. Shenzhen Ceramic Knives can be used by anyone for most slicing and cutting needs. These ceramic knives are made of an advanced ceramic called zirconia, the second hardest material known to man next to diamond. The material’s properties make it particularly resistant to wear and tear, which means that a ceramic blade can hold its edge much longer than a steel blade without the need for re-sharpening as often as steel knives.

I know knives don’t seem like a sexy gift, but I received a nice knife from a friend last year for my birthday and every time I am in the kitchen using it, I remember the friend and think…how thoughtful?! Bonus: When you give the knives you get yummy food :) Click here to get these knives.

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