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When I have events, I usually call the pros in to do my hair. The benefit of this is that I get to learn all of their little secrets. For the last few years there is one product that stylists have been using on me from Miami to New York, Unite’s Expanda Dust. This stuff really adds volume to my super flat, straight hair and it helps hold backcombing. I got my own about six months ago and have been able to create hair on my own that looks pretty fab. When in Miami, I get my fix at my local Blo and in New York I head over to Salon Champu in the East Village. When you want to create volume, lift your hair, sprinkle a little underneath the piece you have just lifted, at the roots and back comb a bit. It is about $27 for a bottle, and I have had mine for about 6 months and still have a ton of this magic little fairy dust left! You can use this to create updos or with curlers or even a crimper to create volume. Yes! A crimper…check out my how-to on using a crimper on Latest

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