Shortcut to Fabulous “I want to Go with Oh to Vienna”


Vienna might be Europe’s most elegant city, and between Sacher Torte and Strudel, it makes my penchant for sweets go into absolute overdrive. Taking a trip to Vienna is like taking a step back in time to a world where everything is opulent and elegant. Vienna is one of the fab cities where Go with Oh has access to hotels and apartments for your stay. Right now they have a fab contest on Facebook where you can enter to win one of four prizes: a camera, luggage, an ipad or free Go with Oh accomodations. Click here to visit their website and get details on the contest.


The five things I want to do in Vienna if I go with Oh are:


5. Brush up on my waltzing skills. Vienna is synonymous with the Waltz. While I have taken lessons, have a halfway decent Waltz and have even competed in a local “Dancing with the Stars” style competition, nothing would be better than taking lessons in Vienna. In fact, the dream trip to Vienna would include dance lessons and tickets to one of Vienna’s famous balls. That has to be on every yuppie’s list of things to do before you die! Click here to get the low-down on the best balls in Vienna and ticket purchase information.


4. Splurge on a meal at one of Vienna’s chicest restaurants, Orlando di Castello. Freyung 1, Vienna, 1010. The décor in this chic Viennese eatery is so fun and the desserts are so delectable they make the traditional Sacher Torte seem so blah.


3. Joy ride on the Ringstrasse. For 7 Euros you can hop on Vienna’s Ringtram and get circle this majestic imperial city. All of the major city attractions are found along the Ringstrasse which literally circles the city center. For 9 Euros you can get a hop-on hop-off ticket and use that as your public transport for the day.


2. Take a Trip to Wine Country. A thirty-minute train ride (tram 38) from the city center whisks you away to the worlds only wine country that is part of a major city. The views are beautiful, the setting romantic and you capture a bit of old world Austrian charm. In 1784, Emperor Josef II issued an edict granting wine growers the right to sell their own wines at their own premises and the Heurig (wine-tavern) was born. Stammersdorf, Nussdorf and Sievering are less touristy than Grinzing.


1. Travel back in at the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace is a huge complex where the Hapsburg dynasty ruled most of Europe during the Golden Age. There are multiple museums and the Spanish Riding School housed in the gargantuan complex, but my favorite is the Sissy Museum. In the words of Phaedra Parks from RHOA, “Everybody knows” that a museum with a dress and jewel collection is a museum worth visiting. Empress Elisabeth’s obsession with vanity is on full display with dresses, exercise machines, jewels and more! Plus, the gift shop is one of my favorites.

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