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I had a business meeting/girl gossip fest with a colleague yesterday and when we were going over our to-do’s for a particular project, she looked  at me and said, “I need the Shortcut to Fabulous on Apps…what apps do you have on your phone?”  Behold…below I tell you what I’ve got and why. Also, I want to take this time to announce a format change on my blog. In an effort to bring you better content that will really give you all the Shortcuts to Fabulous living you need, I will now be posting only once per week for my national readers and twice (including Miami Monday) for my Miami readers. If there is breaking news or something fab I find that I am just gushing to tell you about, then I will post, but from now on you are guaranteed a weekly post that I promise will give you some great tips to help you career gals on the go who are full of zest but short on time. I will also be producing monthly webisodes filled with great tips and funny faces. Anyway, stay tuned in the coming months as Shortcuts to Fabulous works hard to help you, my reader, get useful tips that will help you lead your fabulous lives with a little more ease. If there is a topic you would like for me to cover, please email me: editor {at} shortcutstofabulous {dot} com.

Hopstop (free): Helps me get around in big cities with public transportation.

Flight Track Pro ($9.99): Helps me keep my travel schedule straight and notifies me of delays, gate changes often before they show up on the airport flight boards and before the airline notifies you. Also helps me stalk my hubs when he travels.

Trip Deck- Travel Itinerary Organizer (Free): Helps me manage hotel reservations, car rentals, flights, meetings, etc in one handle location. Perfect for busy business trips. Good alternative to Flight Track Pro if you don’t want to spend $.

Open Table (Free): Let’s me make din-din reservations at my favorite restaurants in my favorite cities. Love it for impromptu dinners on the fly.

Google + (Free): Helps me stay connected via Google + and manage my account. Great when I am at an event because once I check-in on party mode all of the pics I take are automatically uploaded.

Menu Pages (Free): Helps me find food to fit my cravings no matter what city I am in.

Skype (Free): Helps me stay connected to friends and business contacts all over the world.

Super Planner ($9.99): Helps me when I am producing an event figure costs, capacity, etc.

Billings (Free): Helps me ensure accurate billing for my clients when I am out and about.

Happy Houred (Free): Helps me locate the nearest happy hour when I need a drink…stat!

What’s App (Free): Helps me text message in foreign countries via wi-fi without hefty overseas text fees.

Gigwalk (Free): A fun app that lists gigs available in my area and lists the pay so if I see someone wanting to pay $100 to have me run their kids lunch money across town, I am ready for the challenge (I haven’t acting signed up for a gig yet, but for some reason I like looking to see what gigs are out there)

Wunderlist: Helps me make lists for all of my clients and projects and keep track of deadlines…basically helps keep my type K (as in Kit Kat) personality looking more Type A

Dropbox (Free): Allows me access to all of my dropbox files on the go and let’s me upload photo and video from my iphone directly into my dropbox.

Scanner Pro ($6.99): Allows me to scan docs, receipts, business cards while out on the town and save them to my evernote, dropbox, email and more.

Check out my fave pic apps here.

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