Shortcut to Fabulous Manhattan $10 Lunch…Delivered!

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Last Monday, I had a gourmet Italian sandwich, chips, pickle, Sparkling Water, a Hershey’s kiss, handwritten note and a riddle for $10…Delivered. Yup, that’s right. I now have a new Monday ritual: Order from Coppa, the sandwich delivery start-up that delivers a darn good sandwich at an amazing price with a side of sass and a sprinkle of good cheer via the handwritten note. I am often told that I should have a food blog because I talk about food as much as fashion and when someone I know is headed to NYC, I can’t resist spouting off a list of my favorite haunts. I even chose my current office space in part because of the amazing, affordable food selection in the area. So, when I heard about this sandwich delivery service, I felt compelled to try it and write about it.


Let’s talk sandwich first. The most important part of a sandwich is the bread. If the bread falls flat or is too chewy or too hard the whole sandwich is doomed. I just returned from Paris, which is the land of perfect bread, so lately sandwiches have not been meeting the mark for me, but Coppa’s┬ábread was great. It had the perfect consistency with a nice crusty outside and a soft but not gooey inside. The sandwich was slathered neatly with what tasted like a tangy tomato spread and then had fresh high quality cold cuts. You can tell Coppa takes sandwich making seriously. The portion was perfect…just enough to satisfy and not too much so you feel disgusting after.

Coppa Sandwich


The side of chips was a small bag which again was a perfect portion. I am not a pickle fan but as pickles go, these were good and the Hershey’s Kiss was the perfect way to end a perfect meal. What sets Coppa apart from other meal delivery services besides the great food is the clever branding, packaging, the handwritten note that brightened up my day and the riddles that made me feel like I was exercising my brain and had me hopping on Facebook to find the answers. Right now they only deliver on Mondays and have a limited delivery area, but if you are lucky enough to live/work in their lower Manhattan zone, Coppa is worth a try. It looks like they also frequent the Hester Street Fair, so perhaps a Saturday stroll is worth a looksey!

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