Shortcut to Fabulous…My friend needs your vote!!!!

immigrantSo my fab freind Jill entered a contest to win a trip to Belgium…check out the details below and while you are bored to tears at work…help a fab gal out!


Hey S2F fans!


I’m a loyal S2F reader and could use a little bit of your fabulous help! I’m a finalist in a Facebook contest that is being sponsored by the Red Star Line, the city of Antwerp and renowned fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg! I have a 1 in 10 shot at winning a trip to Belgium and a DVF shopping spree but I need YOUR help in order to do it!


Here are the fabulous details:


The contest sponsors are promoting the opening of the Red Star Line’s new museum in Antwerp. Between 1873 and 1934, the Red Star Line transported 2.6 million emigrants on a journey to a new life in North America. Although millions traveled on the Red Star Line, the image of one young girl, with a ticket in hand, has inspired a nationwide search to not only discover her identity, but bring her story to life. Ten contest finalists will be asked to symbolically convey the story of the girl’s life (in one paragraph) with “fans” voting on the best story for the grand prize.


So how can you help me win the contest?


1. Visit and “Like” this page.

2. Select the story written by Jill Barone (Essay #3), and submit your vote.

3. Voting is only open from August 9 through August 19, so please vote soon!

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