Shortcut to Fabulous One Piece Swimsuit


I was in SOHO taking care of some business a few weeks ago and got to spend some time with the designer behind DeNeila swimwear, Neila Grazoti Rudden. First of all, she should be a swimsuit model not a swimsuit designer…she is gorgeous. Not only is she beautiful and wildly talented, she is smart and super duper sweet too.

She got her start in fashion in Brazil and then moved to London where she studied and thought she would go the traditional career route. However, Neila had a gift and when she moved to New York City, she decided to share it with the world and began designing swimwear to suit every taste. She has everything in her collection from the teeny weeny bikini to the gorgeous, yet sexy one piece pictured here. The suits are a little pricey but you are paying for the best fabrics, amazing construction and attention to detail that really is stunning in person.

I have too much cellulite these days to really be a swimsuit kind of girl, plus I am so vein and afraid of aging, I have vampire syndrome and avoid the beach and beachwear, but when I saw this suit it inspired me to book a beach vacation and I don’t even have to starve myself the week before…why you ask. Well, fist of all this suit is super well constructed and nips, tucks and sucks in all the right places. Second the laser cut flower detail on the bust line is so delicate and gorgeous no one will be looking anywhere else but my chest. The suit is $269 but worth every penny. I don’t own it yet, but it is the next over $200 purchase on my list! You can check it out here.

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