Shortcut to Fabulous Overnight Bag purchased this overnight bag in pink about six months ago at Miss Katie’s Charm School in Aventura Mall and it is the one of the most fab bags I have ever owned. I wanted to see how the bag would hold up and how well the sequins would stay on before I endorsed the bag as a shortcut to fabulous. I am pleased to report that after about six months of use, I have yet to see a lost sequin or any damage to the bag. I am pretty rough with my purses and bags, so I have been really impressed with the quality of the bag. The pockets on the inside are very functional. The handles on the bag make it easy to carry either over your shoulders or in your hand and it comes with a detachable long strap for another toting option. I also love that the bag itself is very lightweight, so I love using it when I have big events and have to be on site in my sweats for the event planning portion and then do a quick change to fab for the actual event. If you are not a South Florida native, you can get the bag on the bag maker’s website here for $125. Now they just need to make a matching garment bag and I will be in heaven!

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