Shortcut to Fabulous Party Planning….Themed Parties!

DSCN0223Planning a party around a theme makes decision making easy. However, deciding on a theme and then finding affordable decor to fit the theme can be a challenge. Here are some tips we have for finding decor to fit your theme:

  • Think outside the box. When you choose a theme, understand that not all of the decor has to center around the theme. Choose a theme with a strong color scheme and get a few items to fit the theme and then focus on sticking with the color scheme. See how we found a few items to fit in with the mod whale theme baby shower photographed here. We found a few whale items (ceramic whales from the dollar bin at Target, stuffed whales from the $1 store and whale stickers from the Invitation Box to go on the favor boxes). The rest of the items fit in with the aqua blue and orange color scheme.
  • Choose a theme and color scheme far in advance and look for items that will work with the theme everywhere you go, grocery stores, drug stores, Target, etc.DSCN0227
  • Check out your local $1 stores for items as well as Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross Stores. Junk stores like Big Lots can be party gold mines.
  • Look for inexpensive candle holders to fit your color scheme at dollar, thrift and junk shops.
  • Find sheets that fit in with your color scheme and/or theme and use those in place of a table cloth. (I love Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross for sheets…the polka dot sheets seen in this photo are from a twin sheet set purchased as Marshalls for $19.99).DSCN0252
  • DSCN0249
  • Use paper cut out shapes in lieu of a table cloth for a cheap and easy way to add pizazz to party decor. Buy scrap booking paper at your local craft store (Michaels periodically has patterned and solid color scrap booking paper on sale 4 sheets for $1) and then find a template or pattern by entering the shape you are looking for and the words “shape template” or “free stencil” in the Google search term box. When you find a shape you like print it out and use it as a stencil to cut out shapes from the craft paper your purchased. Then place the shapes on tables as part of a table scape backdrop. See how we used the whale cut-outs we created to jazz up tables for our mod whale themed baby shower.
  • Check out sites like or to find inexpensive party decor.

So, when planning your next themed event pick a theme several months in advance and then keep your eyes open for decor items everywhere you turn and enjoy these shortcuts to fabulous party planning!

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